Tobolandia, Mexico

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Tobolandia, Mexico

In Chapala, Mexico, the weather can get quite hot, making a day relaxing by a pool of cool, refreshing water very appealing. Tobolandia is the perfect spot to take the family on a warm weekend. It is the largest water park in the Mexican state of Jalisco, and is located between Ajijic and Chapala, an area well known by American and Canadian expats. The park has everything you would expect including kiddie pools, multiple large water slides, and swimming pools.

When you enter the water park, there is a small gift shop where you can purchase swim suits and other swim related products like inflatable toys. You'll also see several snack vendors that sell a variety of Mexican style bagged chips and treats, as well as the public restroom area, changing rooms and lockers to store valuables.

To get to the main pool area, you go up a couple flights of stairs and the children's play area entrance is to the left. There are two main areas for children. One has a castle where kids can climb up and choose one of several water slides to enjoy. The other area is a shipwreck theme.

The kiddie pools are shallow and perfect for little ones. There are water slides for the older and more adventurous kids, including straight and spiral slides, as well as multiple splash areas and squirt guns for added fun. Outside water toys are allowed, so bring any foam noodles, inflatable rings or beach balls for added fun.

The kiddie pool area is surrounded by tables and chairs where you can put your belongings. The table areas are shaded, for when you need a break from the sun and water. Some guests bring food and grills to barbecue on. The downside to the kids' area is that it's only open on Saturdays and Sundays, so be sure to plan around this if you're bringing kids.

There are five water slides in Tobolandia and each one is different from the rest. They all open at different times throughout the day, but there are signs in English and Spanish that tell you when each one opens. The slides are all reached by a somewhat long flight of stairs, but no one seems to mind.

The red and yellow slides are on the second level of the tower of stairs, and the green and blue on the first. The slides on each level open at the same time. Four out of five slides require an inner tube. The red slide is totally enclosed, very dark, and the fastest, by far. The yellow is open topped. Both of these slides require inner tubes.

On the lowest level is the other set of slides, blue and green. Blue is enclosed at first, but then opens and shoots you straight out into a long and shallow pool where you slow down and get out. Beside the
blue slide is the green one. The green slide is made of translucent material, so you can watch other people go down before you. This green slide is too small for an inner tube.

The last one is the purple slide. This slide is half-open and half-enclosed and ends in a lazy river. It starts out black, like the red one, but the paint is chipped in certain spots, so it looks like little stars. This one requires an inner tube and once you're off the slide, you can spend a few minutes relaxing in the lazy river. On this slide, you can choose to ride down on a double inner tube, if you want to enjoy the experience with a friend.

The two large heated swimming pools are the standard in-ground cement pools, but one has a unique feature. It has cement lounge chairs built into the edge of the pool so you can relax and work on your tan right by the water. These pools are separated from the kiddie pools so adults can enjoy themselves with the noise and activity that surrounds the area designated for kids.

Tickets are valid for one day and are 120 Mexican pesos for adults and teens/children over 1.4 meters tall. Kid's prices are 60 Mexican pesos or free if the child is under 0.95 meters tall. Parking is 10 pesos per vehicle.

Tobolandia has facilities for events and it would be a great place for a family reunion or birthday party. Snacks & outside food & beverages are permitted, as long as they are not alcoholic or in glass containers. When our family went, we saw families preparing entire meals in the park, complete with 5 gallon jugs of water, grills with burgers and coolers full of drinks.

Tobolandia is a great place to spend a hot day with the family in Chapala, Mexico. You can see more photos and find out more by going to their website.

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