Through the City Streets: Barcelona's Architectural Beauty

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Through the City Streets: Barcelona's Architectural Beauty

Architecture makes some of the most beautiful man made concepts visible to the eye. Large bridges that span over the deep blue sea or tall buildings that almost reach the clouds are just a few designs that come to mind. But this amazing form of art reaches an altogether higher level when visiting Barcelona, Spain.

Antonio Gaudi is the mastermind behind the great architectural creations that grace the city streets. From churches to houses, his work is breathtakingly innovative and artistic. Dating back to the 1800s, Gaudi started building such places that royalty once called home and tourists today continuously crowd around and stare at in awe. His love for architecture, nature and religion together with his passion for Catalonia gives his work a uniqueness that can only found throughout Spain.

So next time you find yourself walking aimlessly through the streets of Barcelona, follow my lead on a city tour of Gaudi’s architecture.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral

The unfinished but truly spectacular Sagrada Familia

The most visited of all Gaudi’s architecture; this church has become Barcelona’s biggest tourist attraction. But the masterpiece is far from complete. Construction of the towers and re-construction of the outer appearance of the church has been an ongoing project throughout the decades. Since Gaudi died before the church’s completion, groups of architects work hard to understand his ideas and continue today to design what they think he had in mind. But aside from the scaffolds surrounding the church, it is a magnificent site that will have you staring up at the sky.

Casa Vicens

This private residence was just the beginning of what Gaudi was soon to architecturally design throughout Barcelona. Revealing his uniqueness, it consisted of flashy colors and mosaic tiles, which decorate the outside of the home, and a fancy designed chimney that became a trademark of Gaudi’s future buildings. The home is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and stands out on the city streets.

Park Güell

Taking an 'urban park' concept to a new level

Gaudi built an urban garden within Barcelona where people have gone for decades to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city streets. Made up of complex architecture, the large circular mosaic bench, Roman-like columns and buildings with exotic roofs makes this landmark a peaceful retreat. Grab some tapas and enjoy a picnic on the mosaic bench or take in the views of the city as seen from the park.

Güell Pavilions

This complex estate is made up of three separate buildings ranging in bright accents colors of red and yellow, but the chimneys are what stand out the most. Made of ceramic, the chimneys are uniquely shaped and elaborately decorated. The estate’s architecture and the gardens that surround it make this site a Monument of National Historic and Artistic Interest.

Casa Milà

Casa Milà, now a world heritage site

This is another innovative design made of stone and wrought iron with a unique rounded exterior. It was also a private residence for a wealthy couple and while it lost its true being over the years, Casa Mila has been rennovated to its original design and restored its color. With many chimneys resembling whistles peaking out of the top of the building, UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site.

Palau Güell

This mansion was originally built for an industrial tycoon and is made largely of stone and ironwork. The most famous part of the mansion is the large horse-drawn carriage gates at the front entrance where guests would enter. But recently it was closed to public viewing because of falling stone so check to make sure it’s reopened before walking there.

Casa Calvet

Another large building designed by Gaudi with more modern elements, it is situated on a busy city street squeezed between other historic buildings. The rounded outside of the building gives it a sleek and almost orderly feeling. Two gables are situated at the top with numerous iron-fenced balconies. This site is hard to miss when walking through Barcelona.

Casa Batlló

The colorful facade of Casa Batlló

Consisting of broken mosaic titles on the outside, oval shaped windows and colorful scalloped tiles on the roof; there is nothing straight about this building. It is of true Gaudi design and stands out in the city with its brightly colored facade. You can’t miss this building as many gather on the corner admiring its beauty.

Grab a city map or bring a guidebook with you when heading to Barcelona and check out these must see designs by the most famous architect, Gaudi.

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