The Summer of Discontent - Italy

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The Summer of Discontent - Italy
Prime Minister Berlusconi has been under increasing pressure this year to curb national crime that has seen troops in the streets of many cities and towns; but local Mayors have used the crackdown as a reason to introduce a host of unusual laws to “maintain decorum” which are siting at odds with both locals and travellers.  Here’s a few pointers so you don’t enjoy the insides of a Italian prison in the last few month of this summer:

In the luxury toffee nose town Island of Capri sunbathers are forbidden to leave the beach in their bikinis.

In Eraclea, near Venice, the building of sandcastles is illegal.

Groups of two or more persons are not allowed to congregate in parks after dar in Novara.

In Forte dei Marmi mowing you lawn on the weekends in outlawed.

Public displays on affection (PDA to us antipodeans) will earn you a fine of up to 500 Euros in Eboli.

But perhaps the cake has been taken this week when Rodrigo Piccoli aged 33 was fined 50 Euros in the northern town of Vicenza when he lay down in a city park to read a book.  Piccoli subsequently vented his anger on national radio causing a national outcry that has seen the town mayor promise to rescind the law.


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