Tales from Australia: Kimberley National Park

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Tales from Australia: Kimberley National Park

Kimberley National Park in the North West part of Australia is a magnificent unspoiled national park that is mostly only accessible by 4WD vehicle. During the wet season, which runs from November til April, the National Park is closed due to most of the roads being covered with high levels of water and being infested with salt water crocodiles that have come from the ocean areas. The wet is definitely not a safe period to visit Kimberley National Park, so therefore the roads and the accommodations are closed during this time.

Beautiful Amalia Falls

In the first week of April, if the water levels have subsided, all the seasonal employees return to the resorts and the other facilities in the National Park. This return goes every year hand in hand with BBQs and good parties in the first weekend the Kimberley is open. Parties and BBQs ensure everyone kick starts the season in the right manner!

We were fortunate enough to coincide being in the Kimberley for one of these openings weekends. We flew from Alice Springs to Darwin with Qantas and the next day from Darwin to Kununurra with Air North. We rented a car in Kununurra and drove to our first stop of El Questro, passing beautiful country sights with streams, lakes, rivers and many of the beautiful Boab trees. We stayed at El Questro in a cabin for 2 nights, and had a great time exploring the property and seeing the surroundings with lots of creeks and waterfalls. We visited Amalia Falls which were spectacular. We spent a few hours there swimming and hanging out all by ourselves and did not see a single soul! We also visited the Bezedee Springs. Whilst swimming in the pools we met some other people who were as much in awe with the nature and scenery they were experiencing, as we were.

View from our cabin in El Questro

The next 2 nights we spent at Emma Gorge where tents can be rented as accommodation. From these tents you can actually walk to the gorge. There were many large lizards which were intriguing to observe. Their calculated and carefully taken strides make them look so majestic. Whilst staying at the Emma Gorge tents we visit Emma Gorge and Lake Argyle and took in some of the most spectacular views we have ever seen - so of course many pictures were taken!

Our plan was to be in the Kimberley just after the wet season so all the waterfalls would be full, and the National Park would be as lush as it could be. And we achieved this, as it all was as we hoped for! The fact that it was also the opening weekend and we got to participate in the celebrations, was an even bigger bonus. We met with people who were familiar with the area and had a great time with laughter and music and tips on what to do next.

Emma Gorge tent

Our visit was short and really too short to see the full Kimberley region which stretches from Kununurra all the way to just before Broome. Although we only saw a fraction of this national park, we had the best time and we know for sure that we will be back for more!

The Kimberley National Park is just wonderful and the nature you encounter driving around in your 4x4, is truly spectacular. So unbelievably lush and so much water everywhere!

We recommend to anyone who loves nature to make sure to at least do what we did, and experience the magnificent nature with the spectacular Boab trees, fantastic views, amazingly colorful sunsets, roaring natural waterfalls at Emma and Amalia Falls and the beautiful pools at Bezedee springs. Being so early in the season, we barely saw any people on our travels and had the waterfalls and the pools for most of the times to ourselves.

The Kimberley's famous boab trees

An encounter with a snake on the walking trek and a lizard at the spring was about it for encounters with other creatures. As we all know, being at one with nature, is something that you can achieve in many parts of Australia. However, this adventure was yet again a very special experience indeed. Knowing there is a further 421000 sq. kilometers more to explore in this National Park, will definitely bring us back soon. Next time we will make sure to visit for a longer period and probably bring a 4WD camper so we can be flexible at all times.

Check out details of tours in the Kimberley area or hire a camper or vehicle in the Kimberley area to explore at your leisure.


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