A Bump in the Road: You Have Cancer!

photo credit: Rameez Sadikot Needless to say I am stunned. As a traveller we can prepare for bandits, corrupt governments and red tape, tropical diseases and minor to major accidents. If it hasn’t killed you then are still on the road.

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Best Family Activity in Medellin, Colombia

So you’ve done it. You’ve brought the family to the big city of Medellin. Now what on earth do you do with the kids? Well, we’ll look at that in another post, but for now let’s chat about the absolute best option for both the kids and their parents: Parque Explora.

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Family Fun in Flores, Guatemala

Brought the kids along on your trip to Guatemala? Hanging around the small island town of Flores before you head out to the Mayan ruins of Tikal? You’re in a great place! Enjoying a hike at the zoo If you’re on Flores, you can’t help but notice you’re in the...

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A Dangerous Road: Kathmandu to Pokhara

A few months ago, after I had booked my flights to Nepal, I stumbled upon a TV program entitled “the world’s most dangerous roads”. That episode explored a route that included the journey between Kathmandu and the trekking centre and tourist resort of Pokhara 200km to the west.

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How to Travel by Long-Distance Bus in South America

South America is a large continent, and plane travel from country to country can be prohibitively expensive for backpackers. Trains are almost non-existent, and car hire can be a bureaucratic nightmare, so to get around you'll probably be using the long-distance bus system.

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Three Touristy Spots Still Worth a Visit

“It’s not worth it. It’s so touristy.” Have you ever heard this warning (or something similar to it) after telling a friend or fellow traveler that you’re planning to visit someplace firmly located along the tourist trail? It might be the Las Vegas Strip, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or...

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Staying in Cuba

Every place has its unique charms and challenges, and Cuba certainly isn’t immune.  If you’re American and you’ve managed to get past all the hurdles to arrange your trip to Cuba, the rest of it will be easy, especially with these tips.First off give up on any notion of Couchsurfing. ...

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Bringing the Kids to Cuba

Cuba is one of the safest countries to travel as a family. The Cuban culture is extremely friendly towards kids who are allowed to run around, make noise, climb things, imagine, play, etc.  They will tousle your children’s hair, kiss, hug, and generally faun over them wherever you go.

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A Million Things to do Before You Die

Go to any bookstore and head for the travel section, there you will find numerous tomes offering advice on where to go, what to see, how to travel and of course things to do before you die.

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Five Tropical Diseases You Really Do Not Want to Catch

As travellers we are exposed to many disease risks and quite often there is not much that we can do about it. Whether you are off backpacking through India or struggling through mosquito infested jungles you can only do so much to keep the bad guys away and often the...

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