Should natural disaster affect your travel plans?

A New Zealand tour operator recently released a news blurb and offered discounts to summon people to come to a wilderness area near earthquake-shattered Christchurch. Tourism groups in Queensland, Australia issued similar pleas a few months ago after flooding and a cyclone slammed the state.

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6 Free Things to do in Nice, France

The French Riviera is synonymous with glamour, celebrity and sunshine. It’s the home of the Cannes Film Festival and the destination of the most luxurious yachts in the world. Granted, it’s not exactly the ultimate budget destination — but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to spend a day without spending money.

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Seeing the World Through Different Eyes

My son and I recently embarked on a road trip from our home in Colorado through Four Corners (an area of the United States where the borders of the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah all come together) and into the deep, barren desert on our way to...

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Keeping in Touch While Travelling

One objection many people have regarding long-term travel is having to move away from their social network.  Family and friends are strong emotional bonds, and the thought of not seeing them in person for an extended period causes most to simply dismiss the idea.  We often hear “Oh, I could...

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7 Packing Tips For Girls

Although for the most part, a girl's packing list will be the same as her male counterpart's, there are certain differences between the sexes that will be reflected in what goes into the backpack. And I'm not talking about high heels either - nobody should be carrying those on a...

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Five Reasons You Should Pack Light For Your Next Trip

The first few times we did any sort of traveling we packed the way most people typically pack.  We took everything but the kitchen sink, because you never know when you might *need* something.  We filled cars to the brim for weekend getaways, we lugged fifty pounds in a backpack...

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6 Travel Essentials for Visiting Indonesia

Many people’s interpretation of Indonesia is this jungly under developed country with no electricity and bare chested men and women riding around on elephants. Though some of that sounds fun, it’s not entirely true. Indonesia is a modern developing country complete with high rise buildings.

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Travel Blogging Community Rallies for New Zealand

There are sometimes when you see something and you know it is going to huge.  The blog4NZ idea spurned by New Zealand bloggers Jim McIntosh and John Reese is one such idea and something that we at Travel Generation will be getting well and truly behind.

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The Pros of Travelling by Train in Europe

Europe is the smallest continent, but it's dense with culture. An hour's travel from almost anywhere could see you in a new country, complete with a different language, different customs, and (best of all) different food. It seems a pity to fly over all this, hopping from one destination to another.

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7 Things I HATE About Travelling

I wax lyrically quite often about the great times on the road, the wonderful people I have met and the stunning scenery. There is a downside to travel; frustration and annoyance are unwelcome bedfellows on this wonderful journey and sometimes you just want to scream! Phew I feel better already.

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