5 Tips For Tourists Walking in New Zealand

It was after 8pm when a curly haired American girl straggled into Iris Burn Hut on the Kepler track, a Great Walk, in Fiordland, New Zealand. Ranger Robbie had just finished his nightly information talk to the rest of the trampers in the hut.

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Backpacking Meals That Will Knock Your Sweaty Socks Off

When you finally arrive to your backcountry hut after a grueling day of tramping, you are rewarded with the pleasure of getting to know your fellow campers. You chat, make friends, sip tea and whisky, share stories, apply various ointments to soothe your bites/blisters/burns and wind down.

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Experience the Abel Tasman Coastal Walk for $50NZD

A Day Hike on One of New Zealand’s Great Walks Each summer, thousands of backpackers and other budget travelers come to New Zealand for a number of reasons – the sun, the beaches, the hiking, or the many landscapes that New Zealand provides – be it the snowcapped mountains, the...

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National Park in New Zealands North Island - A Hidden Secret.

Tongariro National Park in the centre of New Zealands North Island is one of the most mystical places you will ever visit.

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