How to get Anywhere with Anything for Nothing

If you roll a million-sided dice a million times you should expect to hit the jackpot. Traveling can be like that too.   I'd like you to try a simple mental exercise before we begin.

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Discovering Andean Bliss in Baňos Ecuador

Until today, all I knew of baňos is that it’s the Spanish word for bathroom. But a nice hotel clerk in Latacunga, Ecuador had told me that it’s the phrase for hot springs as well. She said that it’s also the name of an idyllic village in the central Andes...

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70 Days of Free Accommodation

When on the road, accommodation is a constant and large drain of funds. No matter where we go or what we do, we humans cannot survive without sleep. At least once a day, we need to lay our heads down somewhere safe and rest our bodies.

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Tobago: A Top Caribbean Destination By Ashley Curtin

It’s not the first island that comes to mind when planning a Caribbean getaway. Even though its white-sand beaches give way to crystal clear turquoise waters, Tobago is a hidden gem surrounded by the Caribbean Sea to one side and the Atlantic Ocean to the other.

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Free Campsites in British Columbia

Why pay upwards of $30 a night to camp with hundreds of other people when you can camp for free away from the crowds? Why indeed, when you can camp for free in quiet and peaceful surrounding however finding and securing your free campsite requires patience, skills, stealth and a...

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48 hours in Kailua Town, Oahu

Most visitors to Oahu either stay in Waikiki's crowded one-mile block, or choose to stay up in the remote North Shore. However, just a short 30-minute drive from Honolulu lies a quaint beach town filled with stunning white sand beaches and plenty of aloha.

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Hiking Mount Hosmer in Fernie

Hiking in Fernie and the Elk Valley is a little different to hiking in many parts of Canada. We are exceptionally lucky to have a well-maintained trail network. Yet there are dangers on our hiking trails which may not exist in other parts of Canada.

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How to Travel for Free (Or Very Little)

While most people put off travelling the world due to the high costs it entails, many people have now found ways to travel the world for little-to-no money. This has meant that rather than taking a single vacation for a week or two once a year, individuals are now capable...

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5 Reasons You Should Go on A Gannet Beach Adventure!

Are you a lover of geology? Do rare or exotic bird species fascinate you? Or do you perhaps enjoy seeing gorgeous old tractors rejuvenated and in action? If any of these things ring true for you, perhaps you should consider spending an otherwise normal Sunday morning at Gannet Beach...

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The Lost Art of Hitchhiking

Back in the sixties, when hippies were fashionable and love was free, hitchhiking was a common form of transport. Nowadays, we're led to believe that hitchhikers will end up disappearing off the the face of the Earth in a dark and terrifying demise.

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