The Biggest Winter Event in New Zealand

Winter in Queenstown is one of the best times to visit this picturesque resort town. From early June to early October, the town is buzzing with energy, with the nearby ski fields attracting skiers, snowboarders and visitors from all over the world.

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A Festival of Fire in South Korea

About 75 kilometers southwest of mainland Korea lies the subtropical island of Jeju.  It is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is also known as Korea’s honeymoon paradise capital.  With stunning views and a plethora of eco-tourism opportunities, Jeju is a popular place for tourists and expats,...

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Queenstown in Winter

Queenstown is a world famous 4-season resort on the banks of Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand. This small, yet busy town offers you a warm and friendly welcome. Queenstown is known to be the world’s adventure capital with many extreme activities that run all year long.

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Gyeongju – Korea’s Ancient Capital

Gyeongju, less populated than it was in its heyday during the first millennium, is often called a museum without walls because of the profusion heritage sites – temples, shrines, royal tombs and palace ruins, as well as an ancient observatory.

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24 Hours in Salzburg

Beer, Mozart, and the Sound of Music -- is that Salzburg in a nutshell? These elements certainly have their place in this cute Austrian city, but they certainly aren't all the town has to offer. BreakfastStart your day with a hearty Austrian breakfast of brown bread, meats, and cheeses --...

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Are you are Burner?

This question now has a whole new meaning for me. And yes, I am. As an Aussie, Burning Man was a mysterious event only few had heard of and fewer had been to. Now, residing in Southern California for almost a year, I was amazed to find it was well...

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Tiptoeing Through Tulips In The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest in the United States is known for many things: Seattle, rain, the Space Needle, rain, Pikes Place Market, phenomenal salmon and rain, lots and lots of rain.  Did I mention the rain?  Well, something that perhaps isn’t as well known is the large number of farms growing...

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8 Cool Things To 'Go' Do In Bogota

Though many travelers only give Colombia's chilly capital a couple of days, those willing to invest a bit more time will uncover a wealth of treasures. If you want to dig a little further than the average tourist, check out these cool things to do in Bogotá.

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Kalibo, a Hidden Gem of the Philippines

I would venture to say most people have never heard of Kalibo. It seems the majority of travellers who visit the Philippines (RP) focus on Manila and its large island or Cebu. If you’ve visited the beach resort of Boracay, it’s possible you at least passed through Kalibo; however, newer...

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Getting Wet at the Songkran Festival!

This Thai New Year I was in Chiang Mai - home of the most famous ‘Songkran Festival’ to get a gist of this watery and rather unique celebration....Read about my wet week..

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