3 Movies to inspire Your Travels

New Zealand is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s remote, at the “end of the world,” and relatively “new” in the historical grand scheme of things. It is, simultaneously, closer to it’s original, pre-peopled state than anywhere else in the world, and a country emerging.

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Why Learn A Language

As English speakers, we have an advantage over other travellers: we already speak the lingua Franca of travel. We don't need to study for years to be able to communicate; we just can. You'll find English spoken all over the world, especially in tourism circles, which makes travel that much...

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Why Your Mum is Wrong: Drinking 'Mate' in Argentina

Your mum brought you up to have good manners, I'm sure, and expects you to do her proud while you're travelling: clean up after yourself, eat with your mouth closed, say please and thank you. And she's right, of course.

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Dominican Republic – last minute, first glance

Travelling at the last minute can be stressful, there are many things to think about and getting all your ducks in a row can be problematic, remembering to turn off the gas may be the least of your worries.

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Going Dutch

"We have to go cycling, it's very Dutch." It seemed like everything we did that day was "very Dutch". Luckily, that was what I wanted, given that we were in the Netherlands, hoping to experience as much Dutch culture as possible.

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Slow Down....You're In Laos!

In a country where speed is measured by how fast your buffalo roams it is not surprising that visitors to Laos suddenly find themselves in a different world, where distances are defined by days rather than hours and fourth gear is just wishful thinking.

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Charming Cazorla, A Small Town In Spain

As culturally rich, architecturally interesting and historically awe-inspiring as European cities can be, sometimes you crave something smaller, more intimate, and dare I say the “a” word: genuinely authentic. Nestled in the hills of Jaen Province, Cazorla is a step back in time After an excellent few weeks indulging in...

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Kampot and Kep, Sleepy Towns in the South of Cambodia

Kampot and Kep are sleepy towns in the south of Cambodia, a world away from Phnom Penh and well worth the trip down if only to savor the local delicacy of cracked crabs swimming in Kampot pepper, followed down with a cold Angkor beer!

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Getting Wet at the Songkran Festival!

This Thai New Year I was in Chiang Mai - home of the most famous ‘Songkran Festival’ to get a gist of this watery and rather unique celebration....Read about my wet week..

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Travelling in Search of Paradise?

Travellers in search of paradise will surely find it here in the Andaman Sea; and while you will not be alone, you can however can take a measure of comfort with a cold beer in a breathtaking environment....

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