Free Camping Across Europe

Free or wild camping involves finding a cost-free place to sleep in whatever location you find yourself in.  To some, this idea represents total freedom; to others, it evokes complete horror.  I used to be one of the latter.  Every scary movie I’d ever seen told me to be afraid of the dark,...

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Stargazing in Nullarbor

One of the coolest things to do on the south west coast of Australia is stargazing in Nullarbor. Far away from the hustle and bustle of noisy cities, you’re exposed to clear, wide-open skies of the desert plain, giving you an unobstructed and breathtaking view of millions of stars in...

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The Franz Josef Glacier Area by Campervan

The Franz Josef Glacier region on New Zealand's West Coast of the South Island is a spectacular area on every level. Nestled in the Westland Tai Poutini National Park, the Franz Josef Glacier area offers scenery that is nothing short of incredible - not to mention diverse.

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Car Camping

Ask the average person about camping and I'm sure they will regale you with tales of overloaded backpacks, frostbite, sunburns, mosquitoes, dangerous wild-animal encounters,  and slogging through god forsaken wilderness without end as they try to bond with some long lost inner child thing.  As the parent of a two...

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A Day in Paradise - Lipson Cove, South Australia

Peeking out of my tent to see how the ocean is today … Yeahhhhh … Blue calm ocean water with some waves gently running onto the clean sandy beach … Let’s get out there and enjoy all we can! I wake up Chris, who is still sound asleep in the...

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Camp for Free in BC

British Columbia, Canada is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts.  Opportunities to get off the beaten track abound with its untouched wilderness, amazing wildlife, and natural wonders.  British Columbia offers the nature lover so many choices including hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, kayaking, bird watching, wild life viewing, fishing, and exploring.

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Experience the Abel Tasman Coastal Walk for $50NZD

A Day Hike on One of New Zealand’s Great Walks Each summer, thousands of backpackers and other budget travelers come to New Zealand for a number of reasons – the sun, the beaches, the hiking, or the many landscapes that New Zealand provides – be it the snowcapped mountains, the...

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Glamping in the UK and Europe

Glamor camping, or what is now commonly known as 'Glamping' is the new craze sweeping the financially strapped UK, in which sees locals glamping in their own countries as apposed to the annual European holiday abroad...

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