Genoa – Home of Columbus and Much More

I was in Barcelona and sea travel beckoned. As I discovered, there was no ferry to Marseille, where I really wanted to go, but an overnight ferry to Genoa in Italy. As becomes the birth town of the great Christopher Columbus, I thought it most appropriate to approach the...

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South Korean Art and Culture in Busan

South Korea’s second largest city is nestled around five mountains and hugs a coastline of sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, peninsulas and islands. It’s a beautiful location on the country’s south-eastern tip and if you are lucky enough to nab a hotel room overlooking Gwangalli Beach, the view of futuristic...

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Transport issues in Jerez

Although we'd spent almost three months in Jerez, we still hadn't managed to see one of the most important aspects of the city: the horses. To tell you the truth, we'd been focussing on wine. However, a week before our departure we finally decided to visit the Yeguada de la...

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24 hours in Auckland

Many tourists just pass through Auckland, using it as a thoroughfare to the rest of New Zealand. But the City of Sails has a lot to offer anyone who has a day or a week to spend there.

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Must Know Tips for Traveling Between Costa Rica to Nicaragua by Bus

If you're a budget traveler making your way through Central America, traveling by bus is a very economical way to go.  The two main bus lines that drive between Costa Rica and Nicaragua are TransNica and Tica Bus.  Both are clean, reliable and affordable modes of transportation, but there are...

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Traveling from Quito, Ecuador

  Because it houses an international airport, Ecuador’s capitol city is a great jumping off place to visit many other areas of Ecuador.  The city has 2 large bus terminals, the most popular being Quitumbre at the south edge of the city.

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A Dangerous Road: Kathmandu to Pokhara

A few months ago, after I had booked my flights to Nepal, I stumbled upon a TV program entitled “the world’s most dangerous roads”. That episode explored a route that included the journey between Kathmandu and the trekking centre and tourist resort of Pokhara 200km to the west.

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How to Travel by Long-Distance Bus in South America

South America is a large continent, and plane travel from country to country can be prohibitively expensive for backpackers. Trains are almost non-existent, and car hire can be a bureaucratic nightmare, so to get around you'll probably be using the long-distance bus system.

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Sea to Sky: 24 hours of Awesomeness in Whistler

I slump into the back seat of the bus - I have never been so pleased to be on a bus! The last 24 hours in Whistler have been crazy, almost manic.  I have a roaring headache (self inflicted unfortunately by way too many drinks last night on what proved...

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Iconic Hippie Hangouts Then and Now

The sixties and seventies were arguably the golden age of travel for backpacking vagabonds, hippies and soul searchers. I can remember stories about the overland trail to Kathmandu that fascinated me with their richness and mystery.

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