Travelling Extensively with No Money

Knowing how far and how extensively I have travelled people assume that growing up money was never an issue for me. Which is true, but not because we had so much, but because we had so little.

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Bulgaria: Europe's Hidden Gem

In comparison to most European countries, Bulgaria is not frequented by many tourists.  It has a reputation for being a bit desolate, plagued by poverty, crime, and a never-ending stream of corrupt politicians.   Although many people over the age of thirty show signs of a hard life- they did...

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How to get Anywhere with Anything for Nothing

If you roll a million-sided dice a million times you should expect to hit the jackpot. Traveling can be like that too.   I'd like you to try a simple mental exercise before we begin.

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Free Camping Across Europe

Free or wild camping involves finding a cost-free place to sleep in whatever location you find yourself in.  To some, this idea represents total freedom; to others, it evokes complete horror.  I used to be one of the latter.  Every scary movie I’d ever seen told me to be afraid of the dark,...

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Free Campsites in British Columbia

Why pay upwards of $30 a night to camp with hundreds of other people when you can camp for free away from the crowds? Why indeed, when you can camp for free in quiet and peaceful surrounding however finding and securing your free campsite requires patience, skills, stealth and a...

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Must Know Tips for Traveling Between Costa Rica to Nicaragua by Bus

If you're a budget traveler making your way through Central America, traveling by bus is a very economical way to go.  The two main bus lines that drive between Costa Rica and Nicaragua are TransNica and Tica Bus.  Both are clean, reliable and affordable modes of transportation, but there are...

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Car Camping

Ask the average person about camping and I'm sure they will regale you with tales of overloaded backpacks, frostbite, sunburns, mosquitoes, dangerous wild-animal encounters,  and slogging through god forsaken wilderness without end as they try to bond with some long lost inner child thing.  As the parent of a two...

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Five Lesser Known Ways To Find Cheap (but fabulous) Lodging

Along with airfare, lodging is usually the most expensive part of any trip. Given the choice between a week at a five star resort or a month, perhaps longer, of self directed budget travel, for me, it’s a no brainer.

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