The Gorgeous Gulf Coast of Florida

Beach loving travelers all have their favorite beaches and I have visited plenty of them. Green or black sand beaches in Hawaii, pink sand in Bermuda, tan sand in California, and the many hues and colors of the Caribbean islands.

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Surfing Weekend Escapes

Learning how to surf can be an incredible, life changing experience. Enjoying the rush of dropping into a glassy wave and flying along the wave face, in a tropical location – life doesn’t get much better than that.

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5 Things to See on the Road to Hana

  This 52-mile journey is one of the most scenic drives in the United States. Your trip begins in Kahului, follow the winding Hana highway to the small upcountry town of Hana. The point of the drive is to enjoy the journey.

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Monks, tea and hazelnuts- secrets of Turkey’s Black  Sea  Coast

Turkey is rapidly becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination and if you happen to have planned a visit read on because I’m going to show you a region which is often neglected. What springs to mind when thinking ‘Turkey’ is of course Istanbul the city of countless attractions straddling  two continents.

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Tobago: A Top Caribbean Destination By Ashley Curtin

It’s not the first island that comes to mind when planning a Caribbean getaway. Even though its white-sand beaches give way to crystal clear turquoise waters, Tobago is a hidden gem surrounded by the Caribbean Sea to one side and the Atlantic Ocean to the other.

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48 hours in Kailua Town, Oahu

Most visitors to Oahu either stay in Waikiki's crowded one-mile block, or choose to stay up in the remote North Shore. However, just a short 30-minute drive from Honolulu lies a quaint beach town filled with stunning white sand beaches and plenty of aloha.

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24 hours in Auckland

Many tourists just pass through Auckland, using it as a thoroughfare to the rest of New Zealand. But the City of Sails has a lot to offer anyone who has a day or a week to spend there.

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A Taste of Luxury in Mazatlán, Mexico

With palm tree lined beaches, light turquoise water and fine brown sand, Mazatlán, Mexico is a popular tourist destination for beach lovers. The tropical climate keeps the long stretch of coastline busy throughout the year. While there are many hotels situated along the ocean, there is one that stands out...

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Sorobon Beach – a Location for the Whole Family

We’ve all seen those top 10 beach articles, right?  There have been countless countdowns of the world's best beaches based on a variety of different criteria, but I honestly feel that Sorobon Beach in Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) just might cap them all as being the best all-around beach for everyone...

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5 Best Beaches Away From The Crowds In Asia

Psst…heading to Asia and wondering where the best beaches to relax are, away from the crowds?  Looking for something low-key and beautiful? In 2011, while my family and I spent 12 months backpacking through 8 countries in Southeast Asia, including Sri Lanka and India, we had our fair share of...

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