The Worst Kind of Backpackers You’ll Meet in Hostels and How to Avoid Them

You meet interesting people on whatever path you chose to travel, and I honestly think that the most bizarre people you’ll ever meet are actually the people that end up making your trip the most memorable. There was the crazy 60 year old Canadian that claimed to be a professional clown...

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Why Choose a Bed and Breakfast Location?

Hotels of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges exist all over the world. You can have privacy, room service, an amazing array of amenities, and the convenience of never having to clean your room. Restaurants, shops, tours, transportation are all available right outside the lobby door, so why in the...

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Accommodation Options Around The World

When I first started travelling, I assumed that the hotel was the best, if not the only, option for accommodation. Sure, I'd stay with family and friends if they happened to live in my destination, and I might consider a hostel if I could rent an entire room with...

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Five Lesser Known Ways To Find Cheap (but fabulous) Lodging

Along with airfare, lodging is usually the most expensive part of any trip. Given the choice between a week at a five star resort or a month, perhaps longer, of self directed budget travel, for me, it’s a no brainer.

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Campervan rental for $1 Per Day

It’s no secret that some of the biggest expenses when travelling are transport and accommodation. As much as you want to save your pennies for amazing experiences and exciting shopping, a roof over your head and a way to get around are essential. The options are endless.

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Slow Down....You're In Laos!

In a country where speed is measured by how fast your buffalo roams it is not surprising that visitors to Laos suddenly find themselves in a different world, where distances are defined by days rather than hours and fourth gear is just wishful thinking.

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Hanoi - Gateway To The North

Hanoi had been on my radar for a very long time, I knew that it did not have many great sights but it had such a history in the struggle of the Vietnamese people it was a destination I was looking forward to seeing.

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Charming Cazorla, A Small Town In Spain

As culturally rich, architecturally interesting and historically awe-inspiring as European cities can be, sometimes you crave something smaller, more intimate, and dare I say the “a” word: genuinely authentic. Nestled in the hills of Jaen Province, Cazorla is a step back in time After an excellent few weeks indulging in...

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The Road to Hell; Sapa to Laos

After several days in the mountains of northern Vietnam at the lovely town of Sapa, it was time to turn my attention to Laos. The options were limited; I could head back to Hanoi on the night train and fly or bus it from there, expensive, or I could go...

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Today in Bangkok, Backpacking and the Red Shirts

For all of you thinking that Bangkok is still a safe gateway to Thailand, read on and decide for yourselves. Here is what it’s really  like to be a backpacker amidst civil unrest.... I’ve been in Bangok since early May and the day after I arrived ‘things kicked off again’...

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