Back to the roots: El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument

In 1780 King Carlos III ordered the founding of a city in Southern California. One year later, in September 1781, 44 settlers established a farming community called El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles (The Town of the Queen of Angels).

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5 Things to See on the Road to Hana

  This 52-mile journey is one of the most scenic drives in the United States. Your trip begins in Kahului, follow the winding Hana highway to the small upcountry town of Hana. The point of the drive is to enjoy the journey.

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Be a Badass. Take a Road Trip and Live in Your Car

  Nothing quite like the smell of French fries in the morning…  That is, if you spent the night before pretending that beer bongs are still a good idea. But if you aren’t trying to shove fast food down your fermenting throat, then the scent of French fries is less...

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Getaway to the City by the Bay: San Francisco, California

  The first thing you need to know about your getaway to this beautiful city is that you are probably going to be cold. It doesn’t matter if it is winter, spring, summer or fall, San Francisco is pretty much always chilly, especially near the bay, so wear layers or...

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Managing Fantasy Football While Traveling

The start of the American football season is right around the corner, which means fantasy football is here. Leagues are being created among friends and family members, draft parties are being scheduled and the taunting between the league’s members has already begun—the competition is on.

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A Weekend in Music City: Visiting Nashville, Tennesse

If you are a fan of country music, there is only one destination possible for the perfect getaway – Nashville, Tennessee. Country music is available in a huge variety of venues, both large and small, but Nashville also has a lot to offer visitors in addition to music.Centrally located near...

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Touring Seattle: A Tourists Guide to Discovering the City

Even though it rains close to 300 days a year, Seattle, Washington, wet or dry, boasts a lively city scene. The city’s compacted streets are filled with authentic restaurants, trendy bars, colorful street art, warm coffee shops and a mix of other fun and quirky attractions well known to...

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A California Wine Experience

Wine county is no longer just referred to as Napa Valley—or the numerous other wineries that command Northern California—Santa Barbara County, in the central part of the state, is filled with an array of grapevines, tasting rooms and barrels of wine waiting to be bottled. Located in Santa Ynez Valley...

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A Getaway to the “Hostess City of the South”

Keep driving through the state of Georgia until you reach the Atlantic coast and you will find yourself in Savannah, one of the loveliest cities in the South. Huge live oak trees festooned with Spanish moss line the streets in front of sprawling, gorgeous antebellum homes, each with lush gardens...

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Best Music Festivals for 2013

As summer approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, the warm weather brings the world together through music. From electronic music to folk and indie rock, there are hundreds of upcoming music festivals that will have you dancing all the way through September.

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