5 Great Family Experiences to have in Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand is one of the best destinations in the world to take your family. Although not as popular as say, Italy or France, my family enjoyed it just as much if not more! The Thai people are very friendly, and extremely accommodating to young children.

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Day Trips Around Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the cultural capital of the magical northern region of Thailand. It draws travelers from far and wide with it’s deep history and cultural diversity. There are a myriad of ways to see the hill tribes region and no shortage of tour companies trying to sell you the experience.

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Koh Pha Ngan:  More Than Just Full-Moon Parties

Heading to Thailand for some time in the sun, but not sure of where to go?  Thailand’s geography offers a varied selection of islands and beaches, each unique from the other.  Of these, the group of 3 islands in the Gulf of Thailand is among the most popular.  Koh Samui...

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Buying a Suit in Phuket,Thailand

 Phuket is well and truly a destination for the shopping opportunist, as well as the beach-loving tourist. There seem to be equal numbers of shops selling eyeglasses, dental and cosmetic treatments, as there are those selling suits in Phuket.

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The Village People of Northern Thailand

The Village people of Thailand, are they on your must-see list?  They were on mine, especially the long-neck tribes.  And that was lesson number one, there is more than the long-necks, there are many tribes and all have their own history and ethnic backgrounds.   Some are unrecognised by the Thai...

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Thai Elephants - Urban Giants in Motion

Big, powerful and reliable are the gentle giants of Thailand - Thai elephants.  With a checkered past and shaky future, these precious beasts are worth seeing while you’re in Thailand, and a cause definitely worth supporting.

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Today in Bangkok, Backpacking and the Red Shirts

For all of you thinking that Bangkok is still a safe gateway to Thailand, read on and decide for yourselves. Here is what it’s really  like to be a backpacker amidst civil unrest.... I’ve been in Bangok since early May and the day after I arrived ‘things kicked off again’...

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Kampot and Kep, Sleepy Towns in the South of Cambodia

Kampot and Kep are sleepy towns in the south of Cambodia, a world away from Phnom Penh and well worth the trip down if only to savor the local delicacy of cracked crabs swimming in Kampot pepper, followed down with a cold Angkor beer!

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Getting Wet at the Songkran Festival!

This Thai New Year I was in Chiang Mai - home of the most famous ‘Songkran Festival’ to get a gist of this watery and rather unique celebration....Read about my wet week..

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Travelling in Search of Paradise?

Travellers in search of paradise will surely find it here in the Andaman Sea; and while you will not be alone, you can however can take a measure of comfort with a cold beer in a breathtaking environment....

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