Mountain Paradise Andorra

The image of Andorra has always provoked a certain romanticism in my traveler's mind. Picture a tiny country, only a few hundred square miles across, surrounded by the towering mountains of the Pyrenees, some of them covered in snow even in the summer, divided by green valleys and a few...

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Middle Ages meet Renaissance in Avila and Salamanca/Spain

I sat glued to the window as my train sped from Madrid to Avila because I didn’t want to miss my first glimpse of Avila’s most famous landmark: the medieval wall which entirely encircles the Old Town.

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Highlights of Galicia, Spain

Galicia, the Northeastern province of Spain, is characterized by a long coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, broad, sedate rivers, dense forests, islands, beaches and spectacular historic monuments. The national flower is the camellia. The reason for all this lush vegetation is that it rains a lot even in summer...

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The Essence of Morocco from West to East

Just a hop from Europe, for instance by fast ferry from Tarifa or Algeciras in the South of Spain lies a land of 1000 wonders. Morocco conjures up images of colorful bazaars, veiled women, marble mosques, spices, silver, camels, desert, sea and mountains.

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5 Best White Villages of Andalucia, Spain

What comes to mind when thinking about the South of Spain? Well, let’s just mention the clichés: flamenco, bullfight, paella, sunshine and beaches. Yes, it’s all there, ready to enjoy (minus the bullfight maybe) but if you want to go beyond the obvious there is nothing better than to explore...

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24 hours in Granada

Granada, one of Andalusia's largest cities, is a popular tourist destination that's definitely worth a visit: historical buildings, delicious food, friendly locals -- what's not to like? Morning Start your day with a big breakfast then hike uphill to the Alhambra.

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Via de la plata

Although the Camino de Santiago has become more and more popular in recent years, not many people realise that there's more than just one route. The most well-known one is also known as the Camino Francés as it enters Spain at the French border, but pilgrims also walk or...

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How to get from France to Andorra

Andorra, a tiny state sandwiched between France and Spain, has always held an attraction for me. Perhaps it's because it's so tiny, perhaps because no-one I've ever met has been there… who knows? Whatever the reason, I've always wanted to visit but have never had the chance -- until recently.

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 24 Hours in A Coruña, Spain

A Coruña, the largest city in Northern Spain’s province of Galicia, is sadly overlooked by many visitors to the area. While pilgrims flock to rainy Santiago de Compostela, just 75km to the south, A Coruña receives a fraction of the visitors the smaller city sees every year.

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Through the City Streets: Barcelona's Architectural Beauty

Architecture makes some of the most beautiful man made concepts visible to the eye. Large bridges that span over the deep blue sea or tall buildings that almost reach the clouds are just a few designs that come to mind.

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