Franz Josef, More Than Just a Glacier

When visiting the South Island of New Zealand, one of the must see places is the West Coast, and in particular, Franz Josef.  Such a hospitable town, the locals will welcome you with smiling faces and friendly ‘hellos’. The spectacular Franz Josef Glacier is 5km from Franz Josef town.

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Queenstown's Adventure Activities

Situated right on the shores of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by spectacular mountains, it’s easy to see why Queenstown, New Zealand is such a popular destination. Along with the beautiful scenery, Queenstown is also world-renowned for its adventure and has plenty of adrenalin based activities to choose from.

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Otago Rail Trail: Lauder to Kokanga

With the ski season coming to an end in New Zealand my friends and I have been exploring many places on the South Island- from the Great Walks to camping sites, and hot pools- there is so much to see! After hearing about the Otago Rail Trail we decided this...

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Five Ways to Experience Middle Earth in New Zealand

Ever since Peter Jackson chose to film The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand the country has become inextricably linked to Tolkien and Middle Earth. If, like me, you're a bit of a geek and wouldn't mind walking in Frodo's shoes, here are some places to get you started...

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3 Movies to inspire Your Travels

New Zealand is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s remote, at the “end of the world,” and relatively “new” in the historical grand scheme of things. It is, simultaneously, closer to it’s original, pre-peopled state than anywhere else in the world, and a country emerging.

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Franz Josef Glacier Adventure Getaway - Winner Announced

The Franz Josef Glacier Adventure Getaway includes: Two epic nights of luxury accommodation at Rainforest Retreat Franz Josef. Full day hike with Franz Josef Glacier Guides. Soaking after a day on the glacier at the Glacier Hot Pools. Jucy car rental from either Queenstown or Christchurch. And the winner is.......

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Blog4NZ South Island Adventure – An Overview

When I found out in April that I had been chosen as the winner of the South Island travel package from the Blog4NZ campaign, I knew that it was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up or squander away.

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Taiaroa Head and the Disappearing Defence System

After driving for an hour along Portobello Road and following the signs, Taiaroa Head offers an excellent vantage point, high over the entrance to the Otago harbour which leads to Port Chalmers and the city of Dunedin.

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BEER Beer bEer beEr beeR beer at the Speight’s Brewery

At the Speight’s Brewery, malted barley, sugar, hops and pure spring water are blended, heated and brewed to make one of New Zealand’s best loved beverages. This is where the art of beer making, with a good dollop of science on the side has created award winning beers for over...

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Exploring Haast: Adrenalin to Serenity

Waiatoto River Safari’s is based out of Hannah’s Clearing, just south of Haast Township. This is New Zealand’s only ’Alps to the Coast’ jet boat ride and it really is a safari. Jimmy, our driver, took us 23 kilometres up the Waitoto into the West Coast wilderness.

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