Tips for Finding a Good Tour Company

We know how it is. After devoting so much energy to arranging flights and accommodation, you’re temped to pick just any old tour company to show you around on your trip. Many times, this random selection works out fine.

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Should natural disaster affect your travel plans?

A New Zealand tour operator recently released a news blurb and offered discounts to summon people to come to a wilderness area near earthquake-shattered Christchurch. Tourism groups in Queensland, Australia issued similar pleas a few months ago after flooding and a cyclone slammed the state.

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Keeping in Touch While Travelling

One objection many people have regarding long-term travel is having to move away from their social network.  Family and friends are strong emotional bonds, and the thought of not seeing them in person for an extended period causes most to simply dismiss the idea.  We often hear “Oh, I could...

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7 Packing Tips For Girls

Although for the most part, a girl's packing list will be the same as her male counterpart's, there are certain differences between the sexes that will be reflected in what goes into the backpack. And I'm not talking about high heels either - nobody should be carrying those on a...

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Five Reasons You Should Pack Light For Your Next Trip

The first few times we did any sort of traveling we packed the way most people typically pack.  We took everything but the kitchen sink, because you never know when you might *need* something.  We filled cars to the brim for weekend getaways, we lugged fifty pounds in a backpack...

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The Things They Carried: What Travelers Take on The Road

Experts and travel sources repeatedly recommend an endless array of travel gadgets and gear to bring on your next trip. Often, it’s the latest, greatest development that makes the list of must-haves for travel in a given season.

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Trip Planning - Guerrilla Style

Four tips to get you on the road; sharper, lighter and faster I will bet you have seen, at some point in your travels or even at home, weary backpackers stumbling along with huge packs on their backs, and possibly at times,  large daypacks on the front too.

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Travelling in Search of Paradise?

Travellers in search of paradise will surely find it here in the Andaman Sea; and while you will not be alone, you can however can take a measure of comfort with a cold beer in a breathtaking environment....

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Visiting Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples, Cambodia

“Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”..... I learnt that the hard way after trekking around Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples in the sweltering heat...

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A Travellers Guide to Staying Sane in India P3

In this last post in the series on Staying Sane in India I'll discuss the subjects of ‘Getting Around’, ‘Dealing with Beggars’ and ‘Managing Sensory Overload’ against my personal experiences travelling around this unique country....

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