Queenstown's Adventure Activities

Situated right on the shores of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by spectacular mountains, it’s easy to see why Queenstown, New Zealand is such a popular destination. Along with the beautiful scenery, Queenstown is also world-renowned for its adventure and has plenty of adrenalin based activities to choose from.

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A Bungy Jumping Lesson in Queenstown, New Zealand

Bungy jumping is all about jumping yourself off a platform with a bungy cord tied around your waist. As you complete the free fall, you find your body moving upward and downward until it finally comes to rest.

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Queenstown – an Alpine Resort for All Seasons

On the shores of Lake Wakatipu amidst spectacular mountain scenery, Queenstown sits like a prize jewel in New Zealand’s crown. Deemed the Adventure Capital of the World, Queenstown enjoys a reputation as THE place to experience a whole range of adrenaline pumping action.

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Kicking Off Blog4NZ Queenstown Style

It’s a public holiday in Queenstown for big people but not for the schools - so the neighbourhood is stunningly quiet. I have settled down to my first day of the blog4NZ festival with a three egg omelet, a cup of tea, Bob Dylan blasting out the stereo and a...

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The New Zealand Winter Games - Stunning Queenstown

In two weeks time the South Island of New Zealand is set to erupt with what is being called the Greatest Show on Snow - and it's in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Travelling New Zealand in a Spaceship

Heading out on a uniquely Kiwi adventure road trip in a bright-orange Spaceship campervan. All the luxuries of a larger campervan but with the versatility and freedom of travelling in a private car!

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Right Place - Right Time for Photos!

Being in the right place at the right time to grab those special photos is one of the most rewarding travel experiences.

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What to do in a Ski Resort if you don't like Skiing?

The recent announcement that Mount Ruapehu’s ski season, on New Zealand’s north island, is being extended until November has made a lot of snow bunnies very happy. But what about those forgotten few who don’t live for ‘pow-pow’ and bluebird days carving up the slopes?  What is there to...

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