Fado in Lisbon

I love Portugal! Let me get that out of the way first and foremost. It is the most amazing country I have visited yet. Filled with narrow streets, breathtaking views, ancient buildings and simple food done right, it provided me with a memorable experience.When I first arrived in Portugal, I...

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The Best Thing I Ever Ate While Traveling

Once I step foot in a new city, town or continent, besides spreading my wings across the land, I am ready to eat. Eating like a native is my mission. Whether it’s fish and chips in London, oysters in Ireland or gelato in Italy, I will find the time and...

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Hitchhiking in Europe: 12 Top Tips to Keep You Safe

Travelled by Merlyn Gwyther-McCuskey | 9 Comments

Hitchhiking in Europe:  12 Top Tips to Keep You Safe

You can read and research, and exhaust a list of websites to harden the most nubile approach, but there is nothing like thumbing down your first ride! Read on for my 12 top tips for hitching around Western Europe...

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Salamanca, Spain's Student City

Salamanca....with over 33,000 students the vibrancy that is injected into the nightlife of the city is telling in the range of good cheap eateries and a stoic nightlife.....

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7 Tips For The Best Road Trip Ever

Road trip! An iconic metaphor for an extended bit of travel and fun with friends that involves wild adventures, lots of drinking and endless pursuit of the opposite sex.

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My Top Five Beaches In The World

Now this is subjective, I haven’t been everywhere but I love beaches and prefer sand over shingle or rocks and I have been very fortunate to have seen quite a few great beaches in my travels.

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Travelling Lisbon - A Budget Gem in the Pricey Eurozone

Lisbon...A modern city with a great transportation system, cheap hostels, castles and cathedrals, a host of bars and a hopping nightlife. Lisbon is rapidly being discovered as a budget gem in the pricey Eurozone.

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Cliff Walking in the Algarve, Portugal

Breakfast starts at the hostel at 8:30 am. The troops were all massed ready for a leisurely scramble along the cliffs between Lagos and Praia da Luz. Scramble yes, leisurely well…..

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Sagres, Portugal: The end of the world

Many centuries ago Portugal was the master of the oceans and ships would leave from the great harbours of the Algarve coast to points all over the globe.

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Mega Sandcastles in The Algarve

Looking out over Fiesa Sandcastles near Pera, The Algarve, Portugal I was lucky enough to be living in The Algarve, Portugal when the annual Fiesa Sandcastle competition was on - this was certainly one of the most special things I have been to.

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