A Walk on the Wild Side: Chitwan National Park Nepal

Backtracking along the Pokhara Kathmandu road is the only sensible way to head down to the Chitwan National Park save taking a plane and even that is problematic. Getting aboard a half decent bus is the first priority, most guesthouses will sort that out for you and take the strain...

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A Dangerous Road: Kathmandu to Pokhara

A few months ago, after I had booked my flights to Nepal, I stumbled upon a TV program entitled “the world’s most dangerous roads”. That episode explored a route that included the journey between Kathmandu and the trekking centre and tourist resort of Pokhara 200km to the west.

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Kathmandu Quickstep - First Time Nepal

It can quite expensive to get to Nepal from Western Europe and peak season flights can reach the hundreds of Euros. I chose to get here a little more budget minded and skipped through Istanbul, jumping on an Air Arabia flight through Sharjah for 180 Euros one way.  As I...

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The Next Backpacker Hotspot: The Middle East?

I was struck by this comment from a reader about a recent blog concerning the tour company Contiki starting in South-East Asia: “In the words of the great T.V show… Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.  I am so glad i have already been.  Although I think it will spark the...

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