The Gorgeous Gulf Coast of Florida

Beach loving travelers all have their favorite beaches and I have visited plenty of them. Green or black sand beaches in Hawaii, pink sand in Bermuda, tan sand in California, and the many hues and colors of the Caribbean islands.

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A Taste of Luxury in Mazatlán, Mexico

With palm tree lined beaches, light turquoise water and fine brown sand, Mazatlán, Mexico is a popular tourist destination for beach lovers. The tropical climate keeps the long stretch of coastline busy throughout the year. While there are many hotels situated along the ocean, there is one that stands out...

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Day of the Dead in Mazatlán, Mexico

You can’t say you’ve experienced Day of the Dead until you have done so in Mexico. Marching through the city streets among thousands of skull painted faces walking past festively decorated altars truly celebrates the country’s indigenous observance, traced back to this modern Mexican holiday.

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A guide to Rosarito, Mexico

  While the evidence is written in newspapers, seen on the nightly news and talked about on the Internet, Mexican drug cartels pose a serious fear on the lives' of locals and in the minds' of travelers.

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Unplanned Treasures in Baja, Mexico

Every now and then you just need to wander the world a little and see something new and exciting. One of the best, and often under-utilized methods, to meet this need is to go out and explore without a structured tour or an expert guide.

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Tobolandia, Mexico

In Chapala, Mexico, the weather can get quite hot, making a day relaxing by a pool of cool, refreshing water very appealing. Tobolandia is the perfect spot to take the family on a warm weekend. It is the largest water park in the Mexican state of Jalisco, and is located...

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Chillin’ with the Bats in New Mexico

Originally discovered in desert wilderness by a curious 16-year-old boy in 1898, Carlsbad Caverns has become one of the most famous cave systems in the world.  People come from all over the world to view the caverns as well as to experience the bat flight program where you can witness...

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The Black Jaguar of the Yucatan Peninsula

Many people have visited nearby Chichen Itzá and walked away thinking the same thing: If only we could’ve climbed to the top. If you want to visit a ruin that is remarkably well preserved, still allows you to climb most of the structures, AND is much less visited by tourists,...

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Valladolid, a Gem in the Yucatan’s Crown

About an hour’s drive from the tourist hotspot of Playa del Carmen is the unique colonial town of Valladolid, a city named after the former capital of Spain.  It began its unique beginnings in 1543 a bit further away, but when its settlers complained about the mosquitoes and high humidity,...

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Isla Holbox, a Mexican Getaway Unlike Any Other

A few hours’ bus ride from Cancun rests an island unlike any other in the Riviera Maya, the infamous travel destination on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Its name is Mayan (pronounced like hole-bosh) and means black hole, perhaps due to the plethora of cenotes or subterranean river systems found here.  Now...

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