Lucca: Tuscany’s Not-So-Famous Walled City

Lucca is often overlooked by travelers to Tuscany, in favour either of Pisa, 20 minutes to the west or Florence 50 minutes to the east. So much the better for those who want to escape hordes of tourists and join the locals strolling or bicycling the historic district’s narrow,...

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Genoa – Home of Columbus and Much More

I was in Barcelona and sea travel beckoned. As I discovered, there was no ferry to Marseille, where I really wanted to go, but an overnight ferry to Genoa in Italy. As becomes the birth town of the great Christopher Columbus, I thought it most appropriate to approach the...

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70 Days of Free Accommodation

When on the road, accommodation is a constant and large drain of funds. No matter where we go or what we do, we humans cannot survive without sleep. At least once a day, we need to lay our heads down somewhere safe and rest our bodies.

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24 hours in Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano is a beautiful city in south Tirol, the upper German speaking part of Italy. The Italian chic and architecture combined with the landscape reminiscent of Austria makes this city remarkable. Bolzano is surrounded by high mountains and the Dolomites are located nearby - hence the city is often referred...

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Cooking the Italian Way

With garden-grown produce, freshly caught fish, and hand-cured meats, I am totally convinced that you cannot go to the Amalfi Coast of Italy without taking a cooking class - and not just any cooking class rather this one of a kind, hidden gem tucked in the mountain side of Ravello:...

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Riomaggiore, Italy

It was just a little over six months ago when I was planning a trip through Italy when a friend recommended I make a pit stop in Cinque Terre. “Cinque what,” was all I remember thinking to myself.

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5 of the Best Open-Air Street Markets

Open-air street markets are my 'go to' for just about anything homemade, homegrown or handmade. So when I come across such places in different countries, I am overjoyed so much so that I dedicate sometimes a whole day walking up and down every aisle making sure not to miss a thing.

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The Best Thing I Ever Ate While Traveling

Once I step foot in a new city, town or continent, besides spreading my wings across the land, I am ready to eat. Eating like a native is my mission. Whether it’s fish and chips in London, oysters in Ireland or gelato in Italy, I will find the time and...

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Three Touristy Spots Still Worth a Visit

“It’s not worth it. It’s so touristy.” Have you ever heard this warning (or something similar to it) after telling a friend or fellow traveler that you’re planning to visit someplace firmly located along the tourist trail? It might be the Las Vegas Strip, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or...

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Venice, where the streets have no name!

Carrying a map in one hand and our bags in the other, we immediately got lost.  But with stunning canal views, romantic foot bridges and authentic experiences our adventure in Venice had just begun.We made our way, by water taxi, to Rialto Bridge (the mainland) where hundreds of tourists greeted...

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