A Bump in the Road: You Have Cancer!

photo credit: Rameez Sadikot Needless to say I am stunned. As a traveller we can prepare for bandits, corrupt governments and red tape, tropical diseases and minor to major accidents. If it hasn’t killed you then are still on the road.

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Your Destination Guide to the Islands of the Riviera Maya

There are 3 main islands located in the Riviera Maya:  Cozumel (the island of the Mayan goddess Ixchel), Isla Mujeres, and Isla Holbox (self-proclaimed Island of the Whale Sharks).   Have limited time and need to figure out which islands to visit? Here’s your guide! The fish-loaded azure waters of Cozumel...

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Getting to Know Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small island across the bay from the travel hot spot of Cancun.  Getting to Isla is fairly simple, and the better choice is arriving via Puerto Juarez.  From the downtown bus station you can either pay more money and get there a bit quicker by grabbing...

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My Top Five Beaches In The World

Now this is subjective, I haven’t been everywhere but I love beaches and prefer sand over shingle or rocks and I have been very fortunate to have seen quite a few great beaches in my travels.

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