Bulgaria: Europe's Hidden Gem

In comparison to most European countries, Bulgaria is not frequented by many tourists.  It has a reputation for being a bit desolate, plagued by poverty, crime, and a never-ending stream of corrupt politicians.   Although many people over the age of thirty show signs of a hard life- they did...

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Three Men and a Little Lady: The Lone Female on a Homemade Raft

Throughout the six months that we lived in Turkey, my boyfriend kept revisiting the idea of building a raft and “sailing”- his pirate dream.  I didn’t realize just how serious he was until two of our male friends signed on board to venture from Bratislava to the Black Sea...

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Visa Issues in Germany

Visas are my nemesis. Long waits for visa processing, restrictions regarding where you can apply, and high costs, all combine to make applying for visas one of my least favourite parts of travel. As a result, I often choose countries that don't require a visa or which issue a...

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Free Camping Across Europe

Free or wild camping involves finding a cost-free place to sleep in whatever location you find yourself in.  To some, this idea represents total freedom; to others, it evokes complete horror.  I used to be one of the latter.  Every scary movie I’d ever seen told me to be afraid of the dark,...

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One Day in Shkodra

Our arrival the afternoon before had been accompanied by a sudden fierce rainstorm, and we hadn't had a chance to explore Shkodra at all. So we were happy to awake to shafts of bright sunlight filtering through the gaps in the curtains and a certain air of business from...

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Adrenalin Activities in Europe

When you think of travelling Europe you think of museums, city walks, and restaurants.  But Europe has recently become a hot spot for adrenalin junkies also. For those that want something a little more adventurous, here are some of the most popular activities in Europe that will be sure to get your...

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A Christmas Market in rural Germany

  Christmas markets have a long tradition in several Northern European countries. Most popular are those in Germany. Year after year plenty of visitors flog to the more famous ones in Munich or Nürnberg.  But I had a very special day in a tiny rural town in Bavaria/Germany.

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Sight Seeing in London

If I spent a week or even a month in London, I am sure I would barely touch upon the many sights found throughout the city. Public gardens, art museums, historic buildings and galleries; these numerous attractions are worth spending at least an hour or two, or maybe even the...

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The Lost Art of Hitchhiking

Back in the sixties, when hippies were fashionable and love was free, hitchhiking was a common form of transport. Nowadays, we're led to believe that hitchhikers will end up disappearing off the the face of the Earth in a dark and terrifying demise.

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24 hours in Vienna

Vienna is the historical capital of Austria and often gets referred to as the City of Music which is attributable to its leading role in the European music centre, from the great age of Viennese classicism through to the early part of the 20th century.

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