Great Australian Road Trips

Nothing beats a road trip as a way of travelling. A road trip can be undertaken in a car, as a tour, or even hitchhiking. You never know what might just happen along the way. Memories are generated just by doing it, being out there, travelling the open road.One of...

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Kakadu National Park, Australia

A KAKADU VISIT …. Is it best to visit only in the dry season or is the wet season also a good time? Should I choose a 4WD* or is a 2WD* vehicle enough? Kakadu National Park is one of the “must do”s in Australia.

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Tales from Australia: Kimberley National Park

Kimberley National Park in the North West part of Australia is a magnificent unspoiled national park that is mostly only accessible by 4WD vehicle. During the wet season, which runs from November til April, the National Park is closed due to most of the roads being covered with high levels...

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5 Free Things To Do In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin

If you're a backpacker on a limited budget, cities can be the most expensive places to visit.

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