Resilient Christchurch

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night because the house you are sleeping in starts shaking on its foundation, making noises you never thought a house could make? I have. And so has everyone who calls Christchurch, New Zealand, home.

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Devastating Earthquake hits my home! from Steve Gurney

The devastating 2nd Christchurch quake was far more violent than the September one 5 months earlier. It killed an estimated 200 people and destroyed thousands of homes beyond repair. It’s being touted as NZ’s worst disaster.

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Travel Blogging Community Rallies for New Zealand

There are sometimes when you see something and you know it is going to huge.  The blog4NZ idea spurned by New Zealand bloggers Jim McIntosh and John Reese is one such idea and something that we at Travel Generation will be getting well and truly behind.

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