Must Know Tips for Traveling Between Costa Rica to Nicaragua by Bus

If you're a budget traveler making your way through Central America, traveling by bus is a very economical way to go.  The two main bus lines that drive between Costa Rica and Nicaragua are TransNica and Tica Bus.  Both are clean, reliable and affordable modes of transportation, but there are...

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Diving in Honduras

When people mention diving, usually the places that are evoked are a tad bit more exotic sounding like Bali, Thailand, The Maldives, the Great Barrier Reef, and so on. However, Central America has its own surprise in the bicoastal country of Honduras, the former pirate-inhabited Bay Islands.

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Come to Belize - and Bring Your Bike

Whether you’re a passionate road cyclist, or just looking for an economical way to get around while visiting Belize…you might want to bring your bike when traveling to this location.  It's not a widely known fact, but cycling is considered one of the National sports in the Central American country...

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Costa Rica – Beaches and Cloudforest

Costa Rica prides itself on the richness of its environment; pristine cloud forests, erupting volcanoes, spectacular beaches and adventure pursuits galore......

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Leon, Nicaragua – A Revolutionary Destination

Stepping out of your comfort zone is eminently rewarded in Nicaragua; the small towns may not be fully geared to tourism but the hospitality and friendliness of the locals makes up for the details...Read More

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Belize; Accommodation, Transport & Diving in Paradise

Many travellers claim to have heard of Belize, a few can even place it on a map. Getting there is another matter altogether... Read on for great tips on getting to Belize, accommodation, transport and what to do when you get there...!

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Discovering the Ancient Ruins of Tikal, Guatamala

For the adventurous traveller nothing is more exciting than hacking through the jungle in the early morning mist to discover a lost empire with towering pyramids and ancient city streets....

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