Tobago: A Top Caribbean Destination By Ashley Curtin

It’s not the first island that comes to mind when planning a Caribbean getaway. Even though its white-sand beaches give way to crystal clear turquoise waters, Tobago is a hidden gem surrounded by the Caribbean Sea to one side and the Atlantic Ocean to the other.

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Sorobon Beach – a Location for the Whole Family

We’ve all seen those top 10 beach articles, right?  There have been countless countdowns of the world's best beaches based on a variety of different criteria, but I honestly feel that Sorobon Beach in Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) just might cap them all as being the best all-around beach for everyone...

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Visiting Tela, Honduras

Want to go somewhere warm, cheap, with great beaches and minimal tourists? Tela is your place! Tela is a medium-sized city located on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. It is easily accessible by bus from either La Ceiba (LCE) or San Pedro Sula (SAP).

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Laid Back Utila

  Bottle art at the Art Garden of the Jade Seahorse Looking for a small Caribbean island that hasn’t succumbed to the effects of tourism? Think it doesn’t exist anymore or is just too hard to get to?  Think again! Utila is part of the Bay Islands on the Caribbean...

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Stopping Time in Belize

On our current trip, we’ve had the pleasure of spending time on more than a few Caribbean islands.  All have, as you can imagine, been enjoyable and have had their own unique flavor, but so far we’ve only been to one where “island time” seemed to be overpowering, and that...

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Getting to Know Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small island across the bay from the travel hot spot of Cancun.  Getting to Isla is fairly simple, and the better choice is arriving via Puerto Juarez.  From the downtown bus station you can either pay more money and get there a bit quicker by grabbing...

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La Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

The world may know Cuba’s capital city as Havana, but in Cuba she’s “La Habana,” and it’s a city with much more diversity than I had ever imagined. Havana's Chinatown Havana is split into several sections and the oceanside walkway, the Malecón, connects them all.The most-visited part of the city...

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How to Get Around Cozumel

Want to get around the easiest and cheapest way? Rent a scooter.  There are no buses on Cozumel, and taxis are priced accordingly (meaning you’re gonna pay), and if you want to get to the absolute best beaches, they’re pretty much the only way you’ll get there without paying through...

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7 Ways to Stay Safe When You Find Yourself in a Hurricane

This is the story of a hurricane - I am rapidly becoming a hurricane magnet and it not funny! The Caribbean in summer is notorious for hurricanes however by October they no longer come over from the Cape Verde region but are formed more locally and can arrive like a gatecrasher...

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Key West - Conch Republic, Caribbean

You are never far away from a good time in Key West, the locals are good natured and the visitors come with one aim in mind at that is to have fun no matter what the time of day ...

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