Lake of the Hanging Glacier

We broke camp while the sun was trying gainfully to poke its rays through the thick cloud - it failed.  Setting off from the Stockdale Creek Recreation Site we make our way along the rough Horsethief Creek forestry service road towards the trailhead.

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Wandering on the Edge

As I motor into the village of Ucluelet on the rugged, sun-drenched west coast of Vancouver Island, I’m greeted by the bite of sharp salty air. This balmy spring-like weather is unusual for February, so the three-hour drive from the island’s more heavily populated eastern side has been spectacular.

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8 Things to do in Halifax, Canada

In a huge and gorgeous country with so many vibrant cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, Halifax, Nova Scotia often gets overlooked. Perched on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast, Halifax is has distinctively different feel.

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Vancouver: Green and Cool

Vancouver is a very relaxing city to visit. At the southern edge of Canada’s west coast, nestled between mountains and the sea, it gives off a back-to-nature-laid-back vibe. Blessed with a mild, if rainy, climate and stunning scenery at every turn, Vancouver is as close to nature as a city...

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Stepping Back in Time to the Gold Rush Town of Barkerville

The best way to describe the old gold rush town of Barkerville in British Columbia’s Cariboo district,  is ‘rollicking’. From the moment I walked through the entrance gate I felt the excitement.  A tourism host walked with me down the dusty road of the town’s main street and explained some...

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Boating on Canada’s Rideau Canal

The joy of a boating holiday on the waterway linking my hometown of Kingston, Ontario and Ottawa, Canada’s capital city has long been a well-kept local secret. Now that the Rideau Canal is an UNESCO World Heritage site you would think that the word would be out, but our five-day...

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Doing the Quoddy Loop to Campobello Island

Despite occasional differences, the USA and Canada are good neighbors. Nowhere is this more evident than in Passamaquoddy Bay, a picturesque inlet of the Bay of Fundy, where residents of Maine and New Brunswick refused to fight each other during the War of 1812.

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Beyond Anne

Anne of Green Gables is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Prince Edward Island. My mother is an Islander, and I spent many golden summers frolicking on Anne’s island. We were almost playmates, Anne and I, and her mishaps cheered me considerably, giving me...

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Hiking Mount Hosmer in Fernie

Hiking in Fernie and the Elk Valley is a little different to hiking in many parts of Canada. We are exceptionally lucky to have a well-maintained trail network. Yet there are dangers on our hiking trails which may not exist in other parts of Canada.

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Why You Shouldn’t Sleep In On Vacation

You’re already recoiling at the title of this article. That’s what vacations are all about: sleeping in! I agree completely.But there’s a certain something about early morning, no matter where you are, that makes it worth crawling out of bed before the sun comes up.

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