Tips for Visiting Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  Got your sights on visiting Angkor Wat?  With the political situation in Cambodia finally at peace after the Khmer Rouge in the reign in the 1970s and the civil war in the 1980s, tourists are flocking in record numbers to see the ‘largest religious structure’ in the world.  While...

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5 Best Beaches Away From The Crowds In Asia

Psst…heading to Asia and wondering where the best beaches to relax are, away from the crowds?  Looking for something low-key and beautiful? In 2011, while my family and I spent 12 months backpacking through 8 countries in Southeast Asia, including Sri Lanka and India, we had our fair share of...

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Cambodia - UK Travel Skills Exchange Programme a Huge Success

The inaugural International Student Travel Confederation Skills Exchange came to an end in February to huge plaudits. The Skills Exchange programme involved staff from the large UK umihotels chain travelling to Siem Reap in Cambodia to share experiences with the small Rosy’s Guest House.

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All Aboard the Battang Bamboo Train, Cambodia

"Oh, you've got cushions," commented a fellow traveller had a green look in her eye as she watched us ride by in relative comfort. We were on the Battambang bamboo train, Cambodia. Well, not actually on the train - we were in the process of disassembling our train so that...

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Cycling in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is flat and its streets are full of cyclists - more motorbikes than pedal-powered, but there are still a lot of people getting around on two wheels. So when my couchsurfing hosts suggested that we cycle through the city from their place to their favourite restaurant, Granny's, I...

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Hanging out in Hoi An

Having just spent far too long in Nha Trang than was justified, any more than a day in my opinion, I was happy to drag myself off the express train as it pulled into Da Nang Station.

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The Angkor Temples, Cambodia - 3 days in 3 ways

I don’t recommend seeing the movie Outbreak too many times before visiting Cambodia, Asia particularly in very touristy places such as the Angkor temples.....

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A Year in Travel

For many 2008 was a year of wandering the planet - we received this fabulous series of images from one such fortunate soul.  Aspiring travel photographer and writer Shannyn Higgins has made her way through varying parts of Australia, South East Asia, Europe, and Latin America and captured these...

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