Trip Planning - Guerrilla Style

Four tips to get you on the road; sharper, lighter and faster I will bet you have seen, at some point in your travels or even at home, weary backpackers stumbling along with huge packs on their backs, and possibly at times,  large daypacks on the front too.

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Experience the Abel Tasman Coastal Walk for $50NZD

A Day Hike on One of New Zealand’s Great Walks Each summer, thousands of backpackers and other budget travelers come to New Zealand for a number of reasons – the sun, the beaches, the hiking, or the many landscapes that New Zealand provides – be it the snowcapped mountains, the...

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Iconic Hippie Hangouts Then and Now

The sixties and seventies were arguably the golden age of travel for backpacking vagabonds, hippies and soul searchers. I can remember stories about the overland trail to Kathmandu that fascinated me with their richness and mystery.

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Slow Down....You're In Laos!

In a country where speed is measured by how fast your buffalo roams it is not surprising that visitors to Laos suddenly find themselves in a different world, where distances are defined by days rather than hours and fourth gear is just wishful thinking.

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Hanoi - Gateway To The North

Hanoi had been on my radar for a very long time, I knew that it did not have many great sights but it had such a history in the struggle of the Vietnamese people it was a destination I was looking forward to seeing.

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Thai Elephants - Urban Giants in Motion

Big, powerful and reliable are the gentle giants of Thailand - Thai elephants.  With a checkered past and shaky future, these precious beasts are worth seeing while you’re in Thailand, and a cause definitely worth supporting.

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Charming Cazorla, A Small Town In Spain

As culturally rich, architecturally interesting and historically awe-inspiring as European cities can be, sometimes you crave something smaller, more intimate, and dare I say the “a” word: genuinely authentic. Nestled in the hills of Jaen Province, Cazorla is a step back in time After an excellent few weeks indulging in...

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The Road to Hell; Sapa to Laos

After several days in the mountains of northern Vietnam at the lovely town of Sapa, it was time to turn my attention to Laos. The options were limited; I could head back to Hanoi on the night train and fly or bus it from there, expensive, or I could go...

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Sapa in the Clouds

The heat of south and central Vietnam is oppressive, only the cool of an air-conditioned room can assuage it but what then of seeing the country and the sights you have travelled thousands of miles to see? Well, one has to suck it up and sweat like the rest of...

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Hanging out in Hoi An

Having just spent far too long in Nha Trang than was justified, any more than a day in my opinion, I was happy to drag myself off the express train as it pulled into Da Nang Station.

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