South Korea Travel Advice

As a resident of South Korea for a year (I was teaching English), I know the country well and I know what it feels like to be in the country, but look different from everyone else.

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Seoul’s Treasures: Old and New

South Korea wasn’t on our original “bucket list” but our son, like many recent graduates, moved there to teach English. His Facebook posts of traditional hip-roofed palace gates and shrines, as well as futuristic post-modern towers and plazas convinced us to visit.

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Southern Laos - Self-Guided Mekong

Southeast Asia has long been a standard on the backpacking circuit and you’ll be hard pressed to find a country that doesn’t have its share of well worn boot tracks between hostels and suggested highlights. Laos is no exception.

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Tips For Booking A Halong Bay Tour, Vietnam

Heading to Vietnam?  If so, a tour of Halong Bay in the country’s northeast is likely to be a highlight of your itinerary. But if you’ve started to look into it at all, you may have noticed that the number of options available is simply mind-boggling.

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How to Plan a Trip to Sri Lanka

Is your dream to travel to Sri Lanka one step closer to reality?  Well, you’re not alone!  Now that Asia’s longest running war has finally ended in May 2009 (LP), coupled with increased services from budget airlines such as AirAsia, tourists are once again setting their sights on this island...

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Koh Pha Ngan:  More Than Just Full-Moon Parties

Heading to Thailand for some time in the sun, but not sure of where to go?  Thailand’s geography offers a varied selection of islands and beaches, each unique from the other.  Of these, the group of 3 islands in the Gulf of Thailand is among the most popular.  Koh Samui...

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5 Best Beaches Away From The Crowds In Asia

Psst…heading to Asia and wondering where the best beaches to relax are, away from the crowds?  Looking for something low-key and beautiful? In 2011, while my family and I spent 12 months backpacking through 8 countries in Southeast Asia, including Sri Lanka and India, we had our fair share of...

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Volunteering - An Experience Of A Lifetime

I had been traveling quite a bit over a three month period; Boston, Las Vegas, London, Spain, Portugal. I would no sooner get home and play catch up only to be on the next flight out.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's Clean and Green Capital

Kuala Lumpur, or KL, which translates as "Muddy Confluence, Estuary or City" is the largest city in Malaysia. It is also the capital, and even though I had only a week there, it left a good impression.

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The Village People of Northern Thailand

The Village people of Thailand, are they on your must-see list?  They were on mine, especially the long-neck tribes.  And that was lesson number one, there is more than the long-necks, there are many tribes and all have their own history and ethnic backgrounds.   Some are unrecognised by the Thai...

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