How to Travel With Only a Sense of Adventure, Spontaneity and a Pocket Full of Dreams

You hear it all the time, “Oh man, I’d love to travel but I can’t afford it’…‘I don’t know how you do it all…I don’t have the money to travel’. And then there are those people that think a trip to Europe involves saving every pay check for a minimum...

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How to Land Your First House Sit

Over the past three years I’ve house sat throughout Europe, looking after everything from cats and dogs to turtles and once, even a farm of alpacas. In exchange for walking the dog, feeding the cat or watering the plants, I was able to stay in all of these properties for...

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Five Books That Make You Want to Travel the World

Every so often, you come across a piece of literature that captures you, whisks away your imagination on a whirlwhind ride, and demands that you do something amazing, go somewhere wonderful. When those moments happen, they are precious.

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Why Giving Up is Not the Same as Failing

Sweat grips my clothes to my skin after 8 hours trapped on a bust up bus that shook its way all through Western Malaysia. But with a sigh of relief I have finally arrived at my destination: Kuala Lumpur.

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Wifi? No Thanks!

Be honest – when travelling, when have you chosen a bar or restaurant because it has wifi available? I know this happens – a friend of mine proudly knows just three sentences of Spanish since her trip round South America, one of which is “¿Tienes wifi?” As useful as an...

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Tents vs. Hammocks

What's More Practical to Travel with - a Tent or a Hammock?   The typical life of a backpacker involves carrying little more than clean clothes, bug spray, and sun cream. However, as the world becomes more accessible, people are learning to travel in new ways and to more diverse destinations.

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How to Cope With Reverse Culture Shock

As I sat looking out of my Kitakyushu apartment window, the whole place smelling sterile with bleach, I knew that I would never see this view again. I was moving out of the place I’d called home for almost 2 years to return to a place I used to call...

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How to Choose the Perfect Stateroom for Your Next Cruise

In a photo from our very first cruise almost more than twenty years ago, I am standing in our stateroom with a huge, excited grin on my face and my arms akimbo, stretching out to both walls of our stateroom, trying to contain my excitement at setting out on our...

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The Five W’s of the Perfect Beach Vacation

I’m writing this article in a luxurious, seven bedroom beach house in Gulf Shores, Alabama courtesy of Relax on the Beach called Grand Paradise. It is so close to the Gulf of Mexico that we can step out our back door and, with approximately ten steps, have our feet in the...

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The Worst Kind of Backpackers You’ll Meet in Hostels and How to Avoid Them

You meet interesting people on whatever path you chose to travel, and I honestly think that the most bizarre people you’ll ever meet are actually the people that end up making your trip the most memorable. There was the crazy 60 year old Canadian that claimed to be a professional clown...

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