8 Essential How-to Tips on Train Travel in Europe

So you've made your decision to explore Europe by Train. This essential guide will provide you with 8 tips to make sure that the hassle free train trip remains just that, hassle free

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Discover Suba Diving In Thailand

So what does it take and what can you expect? Do you have to be careful on the dive shop you choose? Where is best? Peter Smith, a qualified Dive Instructor (and our travel blogger) provides a few helpful tips..

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An Adventure Traversing Lithuania

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An Adventure Traversing Lithuania

I was heading from Poland to Estonia via Lithuania, but was turned down at the Latvian boarder. Then an adventure across Lithuania which resulted in seeing so much more of Lithuania than expected!

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7 Tips For The Best Road Trip Ever

Road trip! An iconic metaphor for an extended bit of travel and fun with friends that involves wild adventures, lots of drinking and endless pursuit of the opposite sex.

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Exploring Lithuania, an Eastern European Delight

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius with a population just over half a million and currently the European Capital of Culture 2009, along with Linz, Austria.

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Travelling New Zealand in a Spaceship

Heading out on a uniquely Kiwi adventure road trip in a bright-orange Spaceship campervan. All the luxuries of a larger campervan but with the versatility and freedom of travelling in a private car!

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My Top Five Beaches In The World

Now this is subjective, I haven’t been everywhere but I love beaches and prefer sand over shingle or rocks and I have been very fortunate to have seen quite a few great beaches in my travels.

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Travelling Solo? Why I Prefer Travelling Alone

Would you consider travelling by yourself? Here are a few things a solo traveller should consider as discussed by a well seasoned global traveller.

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Nice, France; Enjoy the Sites Without Blowing the Budget

Our party of travellers arrived in the wonderful city of Nice, nestled below the Alpes Maritimes, on the exotic Cote d’Azur surrounded by illustrious neighbours such as Cannes, St Tropez and Monte Carlo

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Free Travel Around Australia - No Joke!

Would you like an all expenses paid 6 week road trip through Australia in a van, seeking adventure while filming your escapades?

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