The Best Way to Watch the 2009 Tour de France

Le tour de France is an epic cycling adventure that should be experienced if you are in Europe in July. Who should you support, where is the best place to view the cyclists? This fanatical supporter can help ....

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Wimbledon - More Than Just A Tennis Tournament

Wimbledon is more than a bad film starring Kirsten Dunst and it’s more than just a two week Grand Slam tennis tournament....

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Discovering the Ancient Ruins of Tikal, Guatamala

For the adventurous traveller nothing is more exciting than hacking through the jungle in the early morning mist to discover a lost empire with towering pyramids and ancient city streets....

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Stuck In The Mud In North Queensland

The mangroves of Cooya beach in northern Queensland have ancient roots and sinking your feet into the silty black mud feels like you are physically connecting to those ancient times.

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6 Hotspots of Turkish Delight

When the rain is falling and the drizzle is backed up the Thames River I think of Turkey; iridescent blue waters, ancient ruins, endless summer nights and plenty of cold beer.These are my 6 favourite Turkish hot spots

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Is Montenegro The New Monte Carlo?

Montenegro as the new Monte Carlo? Most definitely not, however the people are friendly, the prices are reasonable (apart from the outrageous hostel rates) and the scenery can be stunning....

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8 Great Gadgets For The Modern Traveller

The gadget revolution has reached the lowly backpacker; let’s take a look in the rucksack of our global traveller.

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The Ritual of The Bullfight, Seville in Andalucía, Spain

Whether you agree with bullfighting or not it is a part of Spanish culture that exists and is historically important which travellers are in awe of or which disgust them

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Bolivia's Salt Plains: A Guide To A Natural Wonder

For the best way to get a grasp of the remote beauty of Bolivars Salt Plains is to go and experience it yourself. Before you go, you may want to consider the following...

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3 Reasons To Throw Away Your Guide Book

One thing will unite the vast majority of wanderers this summer and it will be the guidebook, the all encompassing bible for travellers. But should it??

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