Sorobon Beach – a Location for the Whole Family

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Sorobon Beach – a Location for the Whole Family

We’ve all seen those top 10 beach articles, right?  There have been countless countdowns of the world's best beaches based on a variety of different criteria, but I honestly feel that Sorobon Beach in Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) just might cap them all as being the best all-around beach for everyone in your Family.

Sorobon Beach is not overly long, but the small stretch provides “butt-approved” sand to sink into and the option of full out sun exposure or many shaded areas to sit down and relax.  Of course there are also beach lounges available as well, but these are provided by the Sorobon Beach Resort and require you to be a guest or paying customer.

Lac Bay is perfect for wind surfing

The beach is situated on the East side of the island, but the water that laps up against it is that of Lac Bay instead of the Caribbean Sea.  It is this feature that makes Sorobon Beach so unique.  Lac Bay is an 8 square kilometer (3 sq mile) lagoon, which is protected from the Caribbean Sea by a barrier reef.  The reef causes an amazing bay of flat shallow water that is absolutely ideal for windsurfing because of the trade winds that blow across it.  These ideal conditions have bred some incredible windsurfing talent. Kiri Thode and Patun Saragoza are just two of the local surfers to gain worldwide success in their sport, and they now serve as role models to many up and coming Bonairian youth.

Lac Bay also provides the ultimate beach playground for adults and children due to the fact that you can walk out forever and still have the water only up to your waist.  Oh, and did I mention that the entire bay is pure sand?  Yes, you won’t find any seaweed, rocks, or sea urchins to mess up your water time.

The reef is great for diving

If snorkeling and diving is what you’re looking for, the reef provides a fantastic spot to watch several species of fish cruising by.  The incredibly clear water of Bonaire provides visibility for what seems like eternity and you might even spot a sea turtle or lion fish….just be sure not to touch one of those.  Lion fish are one of the most beautiful species of fish to look at, but are known for their venomous spines and tentacles.

If water activities are not your style, there is plenty of hot sun to soak up, as well as panoramic views both above and below the water.  Maybe it’s an icy beverage or hot meal that you’re looking for.  The Sorobon Beach Resort serves up everything from cappuccinos to daiquiris and vegetarian plates to steak dinners.

Relaxing in the sun

Okay, have I convinced you yet that this location has more than enough to satisfy any family?  If not, maybe it’s animals that interest you most.  In addition to the incredible sea life, Bonaire is home to thousands of wild flamingos.  Before going to Bonaire, the only flamingos I had ever seen were those at Sea World.  We really enjoyed getting so close to these beautiful birds.  You won’t find them right on the beach, but you only need to take a short drive or stroll down the main road from Sorobon to find them.  A little further down the road is the island’s donkey sanctuary that provides a home to wild donkeys.  They haven’t yet corralled them all as you’re almost certain to come across a few roaming donkeys as you drive around the island.  These gentle animals are very friendly and will even stick their head inside your vehicle window if they know you have some food to offer them.

About the only thing left to talk about is the idea of over-crowding and over-development that can often take away from the beauty of some beaches.  Lucky for the Sorobon Beach Resort, they won’t be having any competition in the future….which also means no new construction either.  Lac Bay and Sorobon Beach are under the protection of the Bonaire Marine Park, so it is designated a recreation area and no building of additional hotels are permitted.  At the moment, over-crowding is not an issue.  Even during it’s busiest months, Bonaire has so many great areas to spend time on that there is never an excessive amount of people all in one place at one time.  Although Sorobon Beach and Lac Bay are small, there is more than enough space to give you that sense of freedom.

It may be difficult at times to please everyone in the family, but I’m offering up this location as a place that just might make it happen.  Make the whole crew happy and have a beautiful vacation at the same time.  Bon dia! (“Good Day” in Papiamento, a mixture of Dutch and Spanish languages and spoken widely on the island).

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