New Zealand Industry Shows Their Appreciation For Blog4NZ Festival

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Blog4NZ is an initiative of a group of Kiwi travel bloggers,and we are inviting all bloggers to create 72 hours of content generation about travel to New Zealand. ...Find out more!

The blog4NZ festival is set to be a social media first as the world’s travel bloggers get together to a world first by producing hundreds and hundreds of pieces of travel content telling the world how great a place New Zealand is to travel. With an underlying theme of New Zealand is open for business the goal by event organisers is to put New Zealand back on people’s radar as the hottest travel destination in the world - something that it regularly is in travel polls and surveys.

The initiative and support by the world’s travel media following the Christchurch Earthquake a month ago has been greeted with exuberance by the New Zealand travel industry. And importantly as a way of saying thank-you the industry has rallied together to provide prizes as a way of saying thank-you to the content producers.

Firstly, Tourism New Zealand along with Air New Zealand have put together a stunning prize of seven-days in New Zealand including flights, accommodation and all your food to carry on producing content about how cool New Zealand is.  From our perspective as one of the organisers the support from Tourism NZ and Air NZ has just been awesome.

The terms and conditions of this prize are available here.

Not to be outdone the backpacking industry has also rallied and are giving away two further prizes of travel vouchers one for the North Island of New Zealand and one for the South Island each valued at over US$2,500. Vouchers for bus travel, accommodation, and adventure activities have all been kindly donated by the industry.

The winners will be judged by a panel based on the quantity and quality of the content produced by all participants, and the international reach of those participants through Twitter and Facebook. The use of the #blog4NZ hashtag and the posting of links on the page will help direct the judges to the content. Entrants must be registered at

This is seriously one of the coolest things ever and I can’t wait for the 72 hours to kick off. AND if you think you really really want one of these prizes and don’t have anywhere to share your content then send it to us and we will publish it on Travel Generation for you. Tell the world how much you love New Zealand, how much you dream of coming to New Zealand, the top 10 things you can do in New Zealand, your favourite places in new Zealand or just anything about how cool travelling in New Zealand is.

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