New Years Eve Celebrations

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New Years Eve Celebrations
New Years Eve Celebrations
New Years Celerbations in Times Square

New Years Celerbations in Times Square

New Years Eve is all about partying, so if you are away from home for this greeting season, there are hundreds of places in the world where you can celebrate. The best thing about it, is that each place has its unique traditions and specific spots to celebrate.

In New York, as you may know, hundreds of people from all over the world visit Times Square to watch the famous ball drop and observe the fireworks illuminate the cold night. After that, everyone heads either into a bar or a nightclub to welcome the New Year with friends.  Like New York, London has its fireworks display on the Thames.

In Sydney, people try to find a nice place near the harbour to enjoy the largest New Year’s Eve fireworks displayed in the world. There is something new in each year’s celebration that takes the breath away of everybody. Later on people often attend private parties where backpackers are often welcome.

Though it may seem it’s all about the fireworks, some other cities and countries celebrate quite different. In Brazil, there is something much more interesting to experience then rockets and sparklers. During New Years Even in many cities people dress in white and after a nice dinner with relatives and friends all go down to the beach to offer flowers and candles to the Goddess of the Water. At the same time people will gather at the beach to sing songs and share some drinks. Just get around and you will be welcome.

Piaza del Popolo is the place to be for New Years Eve in Rome.  People gather around 10pm with friends for a few beers and then head to Piaza del Popolo to see bands perform till late into the night. Once the concert is over, the party is still to be rocked. The pubs and clubs are open till the late morning of the 1st of January, so get ready to deal with a hangover.

Finally, of course is Scotland and in particular Edinburgh - the city with two New Years.  Hogmanay is the New Years celebration according to the Gregorian Calendar and stretches for three or four days starting with the 31st December and culminating with a massive street party usually on the 1st or 2nd January. Hogmanay is often celebrated as the world’s largest New Years Eve party.

So it doesn’t matter where you are, who you are with this New Year’s Eve, just get dressed appropriately and head into the heart of the city you are in. There will certainly be something new to experience and definitely someone to party with.

The Hogmanay Parade celebrating the Celtic New Years in Edinburgh

The Hogmanay Parade celebrating the Celtic New Years in Edinburgh



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