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Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Mobile phone technology and portability, global roaming connectivity and pricing over the last few years has removed the issue of having to find a wifi hotspot or internet café to log in to a web-based platform to stay in touch, update your blog, photo gallery, location in the world or to check when or indeed if your next flight is departing. This has all contributed to the fact that, as TNT Magazine noted in 2007, 88% of travellers use cellphones in Australia, and it could be assumed statistics are similar in most other countries. Don’t just text and call when travelling, consider these practical mobile traveller applications: Telestial have developed an effective system to update your travel journal from your phone via SMS. Based on your mobile phone location your trip will plotted onto a Google map to let family and friends know where you are.  Saves having your Mum asking where you are, I guess. Friends and family will view this by looking at your journal page which will also conveniently show local weather conditions. Cost: free access to the travel journal once you’ve purchased an international mobile phone or SIM card from Telestial. If you are interested in sending short text updates regularly you may as well sign up to the Twitter mobile integration (Goto when you’ve logged in to Twitter). As the Twitter blurb says: “And you can send updates, like “OMG, there’s a monkey walking down the street!”. Very handy. Adding your thoughts, status and observations from your mobile with one SMS to Twitter will save you money because multiple people can read your Twitter feed. You could then synchronise your tweets with Facebook and Friendfeed so even more people can check up on what you’re doing. Cost: free sign up. Telling people what you’re doing is one thing, showing them is another. The Flickr mobile tool allows you to upload direct to your Flickr account from your camera phone. Flickr can also be synchronised into Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook via RSS. If, however, all those feeds and synchronisation seems all too hard then why not utilise Pikchur. This website will automatically update your social networking site (facebook) and feed sites (twitter, ponce, friendfeed) for you. Again, just send an email from your phone to Pikchur. Most popular video sharing sites like You Tube have mobile video upload capability. Perfect for when those monkeys you twittered about earlier start running after you with an angry look in their eye. You can upload the whole event and scare your Mum minutes later. Cost: free sign up. Finally, for all the Web-enabled PDA or cell phone toting travellers out there who need to know if their plane is leaving on time, the services in an airport, traveller advisory information and more, why not use FlightStats. Get updates to your mobile by sending a text or browse the site from your mobile for the info you need. Cost: free sign up. Your turn: Tell us how you use your mobile phone when you are travelling? Image courtesy of Gaetan Lee’s photos on Flickr

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