Kings Cross: The Travelers District

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Kings Cross: The Travelers District
Kings Cross: The Travelers District
Dancing on the tables is a right of passage for a night out for any traveller to Australia

Dancing on the tables is a right of passage for a night out for any traveller to Australia

Kings Cross Sydney has long been regarded as the seediest party of Sydney as well as the Travelers district.  Located within easy walking distance from down-town, Kings Cross has in recent years being enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance with a thriving cafes and bar scene replacing the traditional strip bars of the areas.  Some still remain but largely they have been replaced by pubs, nightclubs and trendy little restaurants.

Kings Cross is a mecca for any traveller seeking a great variety of food at much cheaper prices that elsewhere in Sydney (a normally expensive town).  In most cases the pubs and bars have much friendlier atmosphere than the hustle and bustle of of the inner city bars with their expensive suited business men.

...until it ends in one too many free drink vouchers - and embarassment!

...until it ends in one too many free drink vouchers - and embarrassment!

I also believe that it is The Cross, as the locals call it, that has the cheapest and coolest hostels of Sydney, and many of them organise nightly excursions out and around Kings Cross. Darlinghurst Road, the main road in Kings Cross, is literally crawling in international travellers soaking up the atmosphere.

The best days to go out in The Cross are Thursday through Sunday. But even on other days, there is always something going on. If you are just staying a couple of nights in Sydney there are some spots of The Cross you can not miss.

O’Malley’s Hotel:

Regardless of which country you are in the local Irish bar is always good craic (as they say) and O’Malley’s Hotel is no exception.  Recently completely renovated it is a small but cozy bar just a few steps away from the main party road of The Cross. Located on the corner of William St. and Brougham St., O’Malley’s boast a regular line up on cover artists and international acts. By the time you realize how late it is you find yourself surrounded by new friends from all over the world.

The World Bar:

The bar that started it all way back when in Queenstown, New Zealand migrated across the Tasman some years ago - and although The World Sydney is not the grubby home of “teapots” and “shot glasses” that its kiwi compatriot is - it is still a rocking night on the dance floor filled with backpackers from everywhere.  In fact, on some nights it gets so busy that the bar extends into three seperate dance floors.  Which reminds me, try to get there before 9pm so you get the magic stamp that will allow you to get in and out without having to go through any queues afterwards - the World Bar can become very busy.

Empire Hotel:

The Empire on the corner of Darlinghurst Rd and Roslyn St. is a bit of an institution in The Cross and a great place to start (or finish) any night. There is nearly always some kind of promotion for backpackers every week such as free pizza on Tuesdays.  And if you are friendly with the girls at the door, there is a good chance you will get some drinks for free into the bargain.


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