Crazy Swedes Opening Hostel at Arlanda Airport - in a plane!

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Jumbo Hostel at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, SwedenWhile terms like “Flash-packing” are increasingly common in New Zealand and Australia as hostels try to outdo themselves with bigger and better - Europe is definitely the place of the weird hostel.  There are hostels in prisons, boats, buses but now a plane!!

Well that is the plan anyway for Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Dios, who has moved a old Boeing 747 to right outside Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport and filled it with 85 beds over 25 rooms.  Most rooms are shared facilities except for the coveted cockpit suite, which has ensuite, double bed, parts of the original interior saved as curiosities and views up the runway.  The planes final resting place, on completion of renovation will be right at the entrance of Arlanda airport.  With Arlanda Airport servicing over 18 million passengers a year this is certainly going to be one of the most prominent hostels in the world!

Dios previously owned and operated the hostel Uppsala Vandrarhem och Hotell, which seems to continually rate above 75% on Hostel World.

Being a plane you can expect the rooms to be smaller than an average hostel, but according to the development specs they will be limited to only three bunks per room - something I much prefer to the large 8 bed dorms.  Apparently there will also be a walkway to explore the outside of the plane and stand on the wing - something I have always wanted to do.

Jumbo Hostel is set to open in December this year, and I for one will put this on my list of must stay places.

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