Guide to Eating in Denver

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Guide to Eating in Denver

The Colorado state capitol of Denver is full of typical city conveniences, trendy neighborhoods, and a surprising amount of cuisine diversity given its fairly homogenous population.  With so many choices it’s easy to get overwhelmed and also to end up wasting time at some of the more inferior restaurants.  Being a lover of food and former resident of Colorado, I wanted to spare you some time and guide you to the best of the best.

BBQ ribs - an American favorite

If you are a lover of French food, it is hard to go wrong with Le Central.  Besides high quality, authentic French food (their chefs and many of their staff are from France), fresh-made bread, nice portion sizes, and equally delicious cocktails, you’ll appreciate their low prices.  In 6 years of eating there regularly, I have never had a bad meal.  If they happen to have lobster bisque while you’re there, you simply must get it.  I have yet to find any other bisque that compares.  If you are spending the Holidays in Denver, this is a fabulous place to celebrate Christmas Eve.  True to French tradition, they focus on local suppliers for produce and meat.   Reservations are recommended, and it is also a good place for brunch on the weekend.  Parking can be a bit difficult so arrive early if driving, and make sure to pay close attention to public versus private parking lots as they will fine you.

One of my most favorite American foods are barbeque ribs.  Denver boasts one of the absolutely best BBQ places I have ever been to.  If you are a BBQ aficionado, then you’ll want to head over to Sam Taylor’s.  I highly recommend the mountain of rib tips platter.  Are you a fan of sweet tea? Get theirs. It’s also the best I’ve had and has an absolutely perfect amount of sugar in it (not too sweet).  They rarely ever have sweet potato pie anymore, but if they have it you really need to order it. I ask when I first sit down so they can save me a slice as it tends to disappear rapidly.

Italia Festival - Lakewood, Denver

Nearby Lakewood is home to two of my other favorite restaurants in the Denver area:  Pattaya Thai Restaurant (off of Colfax and Wadsworth, across from Walmart).  Absolutely phenomenal Thai food at very low prices.  Café Jordano is the best Italian restaurant I have ever been to, although I haven’t been to Italy yet.  It is located on Kipling Ave and W. Jewell Avenue in the Safeway shopping center.  It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it is incredibly delicious (although I’m not a fan of their spaghetti).  Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends.  Ask if Mama has made tiramisu, because if she has you will want it.  Again, ask once you’re seated so they can save you some.  I have yet to find its match.  You don’t come here for ambience or super great service, but the food is well worth it and very reasonably priced.

In the mood for some of the best Chinese food of your life, especially if you like dim sum? Then Superstar Asian Cuisine is your place.  It is located in the Alameda Square Shopping Center at Alameda and Federal Blvd. Bring your appetite because you’ll want to sample the many foods that pass by you on carts at regular intervals.

For Mexican food, head on over to Rosa Linda’s.  Family owned and operated, they serve mouth-watering dishes with some of the best margaritas around.  If you’re a fan of mole, make sure to order it here.  It’s the best I’ve tasted on either side of the border.

Denver may not be known as a foodie heaven, but it certainly has more than its share of potential entries for that category.  Bon appétit!


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