Getting Close To The Real New Zealand Wildlife

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Getting Close To The Real New Zealand Wildlife

One of the top reasons New Zealand is on everyone’s travel list is to see and experience the pristine nature of the country. The crashing sea, the lush rainforests and the towering peaks are all within easy reach for most. However, seeing New Zealand’s unique wildlife is often another story. Actually seeing seals, penguins, albatross and the countless other native animals that thrive on the New Zealand coast is easier said than done.

That is where Elm Wildlife Tours come into their own. Elm Wildlife Tours is situated on the Otago Peninsula, near Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand, right in the heart of some of New Zealand’s most unique wildlife habitat. These guys run a variety of tours lasting anywhere from a half day introduction to a full day immersive experience in the flora, fauna and wildlife of the Otago Peninsula Conservation Area, home turf to the very rare Yellow-eyed penguins, a large breeding colony of New Zealand fur seals and Hooker sea lions, and the mighty Royal Albatross.

The Royal Albatross has a wingspan that can reach three and a half metres! Though the size of a prehistoric fable - they fly with grace and a sense of dignity. There is wisdom in their eyes - though much of that could be attributed to what they've seen. While people come from far and wide to see New Zealand - it's fair to say that the albatrosses of the Otago Peninsula have come from further than most. With the ability to migrate vast distances - literally the distance around the globe in a three month period - they are definitely gold status frequent flyers!

Gettting up close to a sealion

Consider venturing further a field with Elm Wildlife Tours for a two day wildlife tour of the Catlin's. The Catlin's is the stunning coastal region on the southern edge of the South Island famous for it’s Flora and Fauna and sheer remoteness.

Whether you're in Dunedin for a short time (even stopping in on a cruise ship) or there for a while - you won't go astray on one of the trips with the team at Elm Wildlife Tours. You would be hard pushed to find such an awesome and rare variety of wildlife and sealife than in the Otago Peninsula Conservation Area and you would be even harder pushed to find a bunch of guys with such a passion for the area and deep knowledge base to draw upon. Their commitment to great trips (they are multiple tourism award winners) and steadfast partnership with conservation makes for a great mix.

Don't come to New Zealand and 'almost' see some cool things - come to this jewel of a country and see the animals that make it an untrodden paradise up close. After all, the closer connection you have with these amazing creatures the more likely you're going to want to help conserve them. And if you do that - we all win. 

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