Best Family Activity in Medellin, Colombia

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Best Family Activity in Medellin, Colombia

So you’ve done it. You’ve brought the family to the big city of Medellin. Now what on earth do you do with the kids? Well, we’ll look at that in another post, but for now let’s chat about the absolute best option for both the kids and their parents: Parque Explora.

Parque Explora is an interactive museum for the whole family really. It’s a great place for the children to run and play and wear themselves out for the metro ride home. Not only does it boast 3 floors of incredible interactive activities, but there is an outdoor area to explore as well, complete with moving dinosaurs. And don’t be bashful parents, you’ll see plenty of adults entertaining themselves with the same activities while sporting huge grins.

Indoors the kids will have the ability to learn more about the inner workings of their bodies and to get physical. They’ll also get to learn about, and play with, various types of technology including digitally controlling their home environment, doing stop action videos of both humans and inanimate objects, solar power, and get to play virtual games that require almost whole body movements.There is also a special exhibit area for children 6 years and younger.

Sleepy turtles

Not wanting to leave things just at the hands-on, plastic and metal level, Parque Explora also has a vivarium with several South American varieties of reptiles and a not-too-shabby aquarium, including some exhibits that allow you to see the underwater world from several different angles.

This park/museum is conveniently located at the Universidad metro station (which costs about 90 cents per person to ride). In fact a ramp from the metro station takes you directly to Parque Explora. This attraction is also conveniently located next to the amusement park Parque Norte, the botanical gardens, and the planetarium. Admission to the “park” is 17,000 COP (about $9) and includes all the areas of the park including the TV station and 3D lab. Children who are shorter than 1.06 meters (about 3-1/2 feet) get in for free. Even the child or adult with the strongest ADD will need about 3 hours to get through all the attractions available, so plan ahead. Snacks, meals, and beverages are available for purchase. The site is completely handicapped accessible.

Amazing art incorporating mirrors

Over the years I’ve had the chance to spend a lot of time in children and kid-oriented museums, and Parque Explora has blown them all away by comparison. This is definitely one of the must-dos when visiting the City of Eternal Spring.

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