Are you are Burner?

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Are you are Burner?

This question now has a whole new meaning for me.
And yes, I am.

As an Aussie, Burning Man was a mysterious event only few had heard of and fewer had been to. Now, residing in Southern California for almost a year, I was amazed to find it was well known and popular. It kinda put me off. However, an opportunity to go came along.. so, why not?!

So I went.
The local old school 60-something year old surfers that pass the time at my coffee shop farewelled me with warnings of ‘you shoulda gone fifteen years ago’, ‘too commercial now’,‘it’s full of partying kids’... and I believed them.

My husband and I organised an RV (motorhome) for our group of seven. They were all flying in from various destinations worldwide so we had the enormous task of catering for them all. Food, water, bedding, shade and entertainment for seven people for five days in the hot, dry, tree-less, dust storm prone, middle of nowhere Nevada desert. Fun??

We got there, we set up camp, we relaxed..... we found home.

I imagine it was amazing fifteen years ago. It still is.
At Burning Man we found an environment that was non-judging, aware, friendly, peaceful, generous and safe.
It was not commercial or corporate. There was no sign of anyone ‘running the show’.. WE ran the show. And it was inspiring to see how thoughtful, orderly and respectful large groups of people could be without being bombarded with rules and regulations. Inspiring. We ARE good people.

At night you could party, dance, watch burlesque, explore your sexuality, see a movie, learn to salsa or just enjoy the light show.
Mornings were spent exploring the temporary city.. vegan camps, slingshot competition, art tents, day time dance parties, yoga... the options are endless. Make a list of things to do, head off on your bike and get lost. We never once checked off our list... too much fun sidetracked us along the way.
Hot afternoons are for escaping the sun and rehydrating in your shady camp area before the daily migration to the Temple for the beautiful sounds of a harp played at sunset ... a magical experience.

Relaxing at our camp one afternoon some passers by asked us where the closest toilets  were. We told them and invited them in out of the sun. We chatted away for about an hour or so, gave them some food, laughed, hugged and thanked the universe.
They left, never having gone to the toilets. We didn’t exchange Facebook contacts, I don’t remember their names, I will never see them again. We just shared gifts, stories and good energy. Simple. Perfect.

And this is what Burning Man is... a community of people who CARE about each other, whether they know you or not, they want you to be happy, free and comfortable.

You have a year to save and organise.

Be happy, be free, be a Burner.

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