A New Roof Top Walk On The MCG, Melbourne, Australia?

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A New Roof Top Walk On The MCG, Melbourne, Australia?
A New Roof Top Walk On The MCG, Melbourne, Australia?

This STA Travel Buzz post about a backpacker called Martin who was lucky enough to go up onto the roof of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) while in Melbourne, Australia, seemingly had more to it than it was letting on.

Martin had been working at the MCG when a colleague called Richard asked him if he wanted to go onto the stadium roof because “he wanted to have a look to see if it would be good for a new type of tour they are thinking of doing.” Check out his video footage through the link at the bottom of this blog.

If a new roof top tourist walk was being planned, it would be a major new tourist attraction in Melbourne, and Australia. Arguably, it could in time rival the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. Just imagine being up on the MCG roof while 98,000 people are packed into the ground and roaring for their team while watching a major sporting event.

Had the backpacker Martin inadvertently published a scoop in his personal travel blog?

Excited by the prospect of this new backpacker tourist attraction in Melbourne, Travel Generation contacted the MCG’s communication manager, Mr Shane Brown, to confirm if there indeed were plans for a walk on the stadium roof.

Mr Brown had not heard of a specific proposal for the roof top walk. He ruled it out, but did confirm that it had been thought about in the past. Other priorities had taken precedence in recent years. There were also significant factors preventing a walk, not least safety concerns regarding weather and costs to build the necessary safety nfrastructures.

Considering that it took years to get planning permission and safety issues sorted out for the public to take organised walks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I can’t but think in the next few years there will be a similar guided tour onto the roof of the MCG. Certainly weather and safety were and are obvious considerations in Sydney yet they have been successfully managed.

The reason a roof top walk is of interest is because the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) , or simply the ‘G to locals, is an icon of Melbourne. It is probably it’s most recognisable building in Melbourne and beloved by sporting fans across the world. It is a tourist attraction in itself even when sporting events and concerts are not being held.

The MCG is a stone’s throw from the central business district of Melbourne city. You are afforded great views of the cityscape from its roof. Tall things are attractive for people to visit in any city because of the views and understanding of the city they give. Combined with its height and diameter, the MCG is a modern colliseum. You visit it like you would something more ancient - in awe and inspired by its size and engineering.

Going to a sporting event of Australian Football or cricket at the MCG is the an obvious way to experience its personality. The Australian National Sports Museum is also housed within the stadium grandstands. Here you can see a virtual Shane Warne demonstrate his spin bowling skills, see sporting memorabilia and historical  appreciation of past sporting moments of note. The MCG Trust has daily organised tours around the stadium and it is your best chance to walk on the hallowed turf.

Other Really Tall Things You Can Visit In Australia:

- Sydney Tower Walk

- Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

- Eureka Tower Skydeck, Melbourne - the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere

- Rialto Tower Observation Deck, Melbourne

- The Southern Star, Melbourne

Martin’s MCG Roof Video

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