New Zealand Travel Advice

If you like the great outdoors, beautiful landscapes, or adrenaline sports, New Zealand is the country for you. This country holds less than 4.5 million people, but is packed with some of the best outdoor activities in the world.

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Bulgaria: Europe's Hidden Gem

In comparison to most European countries, Bulgaria is not frequented by many tourists.  It has a reputation for being a bit desolate, plagued by poverty, crime, and a never-ending stream of corrupt politicians.   Although many people over the age of thirty show signs of a hard life- they did...

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The Gorgeous Gulf Coast of Florida

Beach loving travelers all have their favorite beaches and I have visited plenty of them. Green or black sand beaches in Hawaii, pink sand in Bermuda, tan sand in California, and the many hues and colors of the Caribbean islands.

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Doing the Quoddy Loop to Campobello Island

Despite occasional differences, the USA and Canada are good neighbors. Nowhere is this more evident than in Passamaquoddy Bay, a picturesque inlet of the Bay of Fundy, where residents of Maine and New Brunswick refused to fight each other during the War of 1812.

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The Mani Peninsula: Greece’s Medieval Past

The Mani Peninsula of the south Peloponnese, is a rich geological and cultural area and often overlooked by travelers to Greece. The spine of the peninsula is part of the great mass of Mount Taiyetos which terminates at Cape Tenano, the mythical entrance to the Underworld.

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Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame

Whether you like offbeat travel, adventure travel, luxury travel or budget travel, you just cannot visit Los Angeles without going to Hollywood Boulevard. This street of fame and glory can be a bit overwhelming, though.

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You’re a Girl, and You’re Travelling Alone?

Yes, you out-dated fool, it’s not 1930. More and more frequently are we encountering brave, witty and notoriously adventure-seeking young female travellers that pack their backpack and hit the road. Alone. Gosh, gasp. Funnily enough, I speak often with other female travellers and have myself copped some decently misogynistic...

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There is more to Jordan than Petra

Petra The majestic site of Petra does not really need any introduction or description. What I didn’t expect was to find how very vast the entire complex is. If you want to see it all, one day is not enough.

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How to get Anywhere with Anything for Nothing

If you roll a million-sided dice a million times you should expect to hit the jackpot. Traveling can be like that too.   I'd like you to try a simple mental exercise before we begin.

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Sailing Kachemak Bay, Alaska

It’s summertime in Alaska, which means the days are loooong. The sun may set around 1 or 2 a.m. and rise again around 4 or 5 a.m. Long days means plenty of sunshine, and lots of energy. It’s not uncommon for us to be out enjoying nature’s beauty and say, “Maybe we should head...

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