Amber, Butterflies and More in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

Discovering the Caribbean on board of a cruise liner is a truly fine adventure. There are so many islands and each one different and more enticing than the other. I could easily have spent months island hopping but the Carnival cruise I went on gave me an opportunity to ‘sample’...

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The Traboules of Vieux Lyon

Rene turned his collar against the drizzling wetness under the umbrella of approaching dusk, his eyes cat-wary as he strode along the streets of old Lyon. In a flash he saw them, trench-coated and blocking his passage. One pointed at him.

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The Worst Kind of Backpackers You’ll Meet in Hostels and How to Avoid Them

You meet interesting people on whatever path you chose to travel, and I honestly think that the most bizarre people you’ll ever meet are actually the people that end up making your trip the most memorable. There was the crazy 60 year old Canadian that claimed to be a professional clown...

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Climbing Mount Rokko

Convincing my reluctant partner to climb Mount Rokko was my trade-off for taking the expensive bullet train all the way to Kobe to meet him. I struggle to follow his quick step up the hill as I weakly hop up the mountain behind him.

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London from Above: The Shard

London in my opinion is the greatest city in the world. I love to walk the streets, getting extremely lost yet falling in love with all the old buildings, cobblestone streets, large populated parks, busy tube stations and the mixture of tourists and Londoners all rushing to wherever they need...

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Happy Rambles in Historic Charleston, South Carolina

From its covered market that stretches for four city blocks to its seawall walk that gives views of the habour and island forts, Charleston is a city that invites ambling. An absence of hills means that you can cover the whole historic district quite easily on foot and, like the...

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Top Ten Amenities for the Perfect Hotel Stay

We stay in a lot of hotels, see a lot of different and wonderful amenities, and spend a lot of time wondering just how great it would be if all those amenities were offered in one hotel room. We might never leave.

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What to Pack for Hitchhiking

It is very important to remember that whatever you pack for hitchhiking will be carried upon your back at all times. And when you are hitchhiking, it is not uncommon to have to walk for large distances if you have been left in a bad place.

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Peterson Bay, Alaska

Our children chatter with excitement as we walk along the dock in the crisp Alaskan morning air. Climbing aboard the boat, we busy ourselves putting on life jackets and exploring the deck. In a few minutes we’re ready and the captain turns on the motor.

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An Afternoon on Udo Island

Just 3.5 kilometers off the eastern coast of Jeju, South Korea sits the tiny island of Udo.  Named after its geographical appearance (a cow lying down), Udo is a lovely place for a day trip while visiting Jeju Island.  Originally, this island was a government-owned ranch utilized for managing horses. ...

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